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I received my LNW and i must say it’s a clean, sweet VG. I haven’t had the time to mix up a batch yet but the finger dip taste test told me a lot. I will mix up a couple of small batches to see how it stands next to my BC vg. Thanks again LNW for the sample and doing this for everyone. Very cool


Lol…and I was thinking it’s much thicker than my normal VG. It has a very clean and sweet taste also on the finger test. I will be mixing some this weekend and will see how it goes. Although it is much more expensive, so unless it has a noticeably positive difference in quality I will stay with my current supplier.


I was leaving names out but since you mentioned it NR is one of the ones ED is the other one.


I too will probably stay with mine, unless there is a sale or something. Price is very important to those of us on fixed incomes.


Exactly, and it’s a big difference, not small.


I have not mixed this yet but so far this is what I have to share.

Packaging is as good as I have seen from anyone else.

Good quality bottle with child proof cap

Very nice seal that did not leak during shipping.

How good is the seal? Well to show that in this picture I am holding the bottle up but not squeezing it and you can see the seal is flat.

In this picture and you all with have to trust me on this, I am squeezing it with all I have to try and make the seal pop. I will add this as well I am a big guy that has used the strength in my hands to work on stuff my entire life. I could not break the seal no matter how hard I tried. As you can see the seal is obviously raised up from the pressure being applied to the bottle.

Initial taste test in my opinion the LNW is the slightest bit sweeter and lighter if that makes sense.

Finger test for viscosity. I put 1 single drop on my thumb and rubbed it with my forefinger trying to see if there was a difference. Having worked all my life around heavy equipment this is something I have done a lot to see if engine oil in big diesel engines has lost it’s viscosity due to fuel contamination. I felt no difference in the 2 with this simple but very familiar way to test.

I put a lot of thought into how I could possibly test the viscosity in a manner that I could actually show you in pictures. While this is in no way scientific here ya go.

First up what I used for this test. Sheet of regular printer paper, 2 identical droppers.

This shot is after 10 min from the time I did the 2 drops. NR first and LNW second

Same thing but at about the 20 min mark

Now after a little over 30 min

Now having already said this is no way scientific proof and to be honest the pictures do not do justice to seeing this in real life. I have to say the NR VG definitely has spread out more than the LNW. Therefore I am going to say the NR VG is slightly less viscous than the LNW but truthfully ever so slightly.

To sum this all up. Do I think it is a good product? Yes I do with out a doubt. I am very impressed with the quality in packaging and the VG itself. Well done LNW


Just wanted to add before anyone comments on the clutter of stuff in the pictures. I did this out in a new shop we just started putting up and not where I do my mixing. The place is a real mess but it was a nice day and I had a lot of stuff to get done. Here is a shot of the absolute disaster as we figure out what to build to make this place organized to work in.




Man good thing that seal didnt break! Youd have a BIG mess on your hands Santa!


That is exactly why I did this out in the shop and not in the house.


I mixed one of my favorite recipes with VG I received and the flavor is fine, it’s not overly thick or anything like that. However after steeping it next to a bottle of the same recipe for the same amount of time it vapes fine, but after vaping it for two or more ml tanks in a row I feel as though I have moose sitting on my chest. I remember the feeling well I get it anytime I vape something with over 25% PG in it. The recipe is only 16% nic and flavoring. The Bottle I mixed with NR’s VG doesn’t cause the tightness like this one does. Now this may very well be just me, but as nice as the VG seems I just can’t vape it.


Hey Everyone!

We decided to add a lower cost VG to our website also! We still have our USA made VG, but now we offer a cheaper alternative which is made overseas!

Thanks again to everyone that tried our VG!!


The vg i got was just fine to me. It has a nice consistency and light sweetness as it should. Looks to be really clean and pure. I didn’t get any taste that was out of the ordinary when mixing up a batch of my favorite juice here lately - pistachio ry4. I appreciate LNW for sending this my way.


Can you tell me…/??? Is there any way to figure out if your nicotine is too old and loosing its potency?
Is it based on time and how I store it or is there an actual test kit or any way to test it?


If you don’t want the kit you can get the chemicals separately and just follow the instructions on that page.



You can buy a nicotine titration kit to test for the nicotine concentrations. The kit will come with instructions on how to test the concentrations. Storage conditions and age will definitely effect the nicotine concentration. Let me know if you have any other questions!