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Did you make any modifications to it?


nope. It is a clone from 3fvape. started working right out of the box. The RDA is actually pretty decent. good flavor. The only thing I may do to it is change the stainless steel contacts for copper, though it works fine.


I have been very reluctant to try Squonking so far because of my love hate relationship with drippers. I love the flavor but hate the wide open airflow. Even my velocity clone with a single coil build and the air flow closed down to the minimum amount possible would make my chest hurt and breathing difficult after a very short period of using it.

I have been reading this thread with interest but until recently I did not act on trying to figure out a way to do this. So a week or so ago I sent @Rob62 a PM asking for some help. He recommended the Chalice 3 clone to me and gave a link to a place that had them in stock. I posted this in the vape mail thread but I went a little further with the pics to share with you all in this thread.

So here we go down yet another rabbit hole in my vaping journey.

This one is so you can get a size comparison.

So here was my thoughts on how to best deal with finding out if I could vape this thing for extended periods of time without the ill effects that I have experienced with drippers in the past. The first step was to plug up the BF pin so I could use it as a dripper because I do not have a Squonk mod yet.

I used a common round toothpick and lightly taped it down in the center of the BF pin then cut it off flush.

The second thing I had to do was get the internal air hole lined up to hit directly on the coil. Seems the quality control of the Chinese maker was lacking the day mine was made. Here is a very short video showing you how to do this if you end up with one like mine.

I use Temp Control mods only so next was figuring out a build that would work. I went with what I normally use in all of my tanks, a 5 or 6 wrap SS326L 3mm ID spaced coil. It took me a few tries and watching a couple YouTube videos but here is what I started with.

Now wicked up and firing with juice for the first time.

I have been using this for a couple of days now and pretty much have not picked up one of my tanks since I got this going. It is a real pain to use as a dripper, 4 good puffs and 2 drops of liquid vape and repeat. Even given that I am constantly dripping 2 drops of juice at a time I just can not stop using this little gem.

Here it is on top of my VT133

Needless to say my next purchase is going to be a Squonk mod for sure. I am loving the vape quality and the flavor off of this little atty. It is definitely a MTL device but you can do a very restricted DL by allowing a little air flow in past your lips and the drip tip.

Here is a screen shot of the mod I am considering right now. It is the drip box 160 with a WUD skin already applied.


I am so glad this worked out for you :+1: You will Love Squonking :grinning:


Truly looking forward to it. The 2 drops 4 puffs thing is a real pain for sure. I am loving the vape experience enough to deal with it until I can get the mod ordered and shipped. Thank you for taking the time to get me headed in the right direction.


That’s why we are all here To HELP one another :grinning:


Thats why I ordered a 2nd one . I’m going to make the inner hole a slot for more air flow so I can DL.
I love the design of the Chalice 3 and the fact that it screws together and does not leak or over squonks


I was think of doing the same thing. Have 1 for MTL and a second for a restricted DL but if it works I guess with the adjustable airflow one could dial it back a little and have the ability to do both in one atty.

I will wait until I get the second one because for now I have found the best vape I have ever had doing either style.


I’m happy, too, the Chalice is working for you! I must have gotten a really bad clone (again), as I could never fit anything above 2mm ID in there and when I use thicker wire (more than 28g that is!) the screw will come loose. Ah, great. Jealous! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:All the best!


It was a challenge getting the 26g SS to trap under the post tops but it can be done on mine anyway. I tried to fit 24g SS first but that was not happening no matter how I tired to do it. Trust me getting a 26g 3mm ID coil in this atty is not easy. You have to get the coil as close to the post as possible, it is a very tight squeeze. It is a shame yours is so difficult because they are a very good atty for people more into the MTL style of vaping. The flavor is amazing once you get them working properly.


You just inspired me to get mine out of the cupboard, dust it off and give it a spin again :grinning: Last time my wicks were touching the chamber walls which caused serious gurgling… :weary:


These videos helped me a lot in getting it working

Build video

Air hole fix video.

Hope they help you figure out the issues you had with yours. I am guessing the gurgling may be do to the air hole not being lined up with the coil. That was the issue I had until I fixed the air hole.


Thanks for sharing the vids! :kissing_heart: I don’t have a VPN, though, so I can’t watch em (China)… :disappointed_relieved: sorry… Could you maybe describe it to me? I just found out mine is indeed displaced by about 35° :disappointed:

I tried pushing it with a 2mm OD screw driver and pushing it out through the upper three airflow holes, but it didn’t budge. It does look like a press fit to me, though.


I got my 2nd Chalice 3 and made the inner air hole 4mm long x 2mm high :+1:
Now to clean , coil and wick and see if it hits good for DL

I had to use a small Round jewelers file.


Keep tapping in all 3 holes it will come out , when it pushes down to the bottom of the outer sleeve you have to hold it off the table and keep tapping all 3 holes


@Naseschwarz Rob described it exactly how I did mine. It is a very tight fit so you have to keep tapping it rotating after every tap on it to another hole. I used a very small round punch with a small ballpeen hammer and it took me a fair amount of time. It is well worth the trouble once you get it done.


Let us know how it works out. :+1:


I will , may have it done by tomorrow


I have a second one on the way now. I like these a lot.


Many thanks @Rob62 @wvsanta :relaxed: I’ll give it a spin next time I get to rebuild stuff!