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USA United Squonkers of America


Acually YES the squonk bottle sucks @$$. Need to consider that if your going to get the Frankenskull clone.


can’t believe i missed this. Phil can dunk his head. I own that set up and use it every day. It is solid and battery life is good for a single 18650. The RDA is an awesome flavor chaser. The only thing I would like to see improved is the bottle connection. Though it still works well. I have had it for over a year and it is still going strong


Well I never tried the S-body because of Phil’s review but I’m glad it worked for you


Did I come across like a dick? My apologies bro. I sometimes do that with out realizing or meaning to. Anywho, I only meant to say that it is actually a pretty good squonking starter kit. I am hard on my mods. Drop them a lot.I can say that the s-body has taken its fair share of spills.


                            Dan the Man


It’s all good Bro I think the main reason I did not like the S-body is because of the fire button location


a good reason not to like it. It was my very first regulated squonker. I guess I am partial to it.




Ok I just got my second one yesterday. Giving this some thought I wonder if a 2mm hole on the exact opposite side would do any different then a 2mmx4mm slot. My train of thought was air hitting both sides of the coil at the same time. Any thoughts on this?


I have also thought of that , I don’t know how well it would work . I do know that I love how the slot worked out. hope this helps :+1:


Decision’s. decision’s, decision’s. I would hate to make it not as good in the flavor department. Seems they are running out of theses everyplace and as I remember Premier did not have many left in stock either.


The 4mm x 2 mm hole = 4 dots on the kayfun 5


Cool, sounds perfect and that is more than likely the route I will take also.


No offense bro, but that bottle truly sucks. I would advise anybody getting the mod, to find new and or different bottles. The ones that come with it are brittle and junky


Did you check out the link I sent you to see what others were using?






No I didn’t, sorry. I use one kind of bottle and I don’t stray. :crystal_ball:


Let me know what you think when you get it done


Will it fit in the Frankenskull clone? Still should check out the link. People are really tricking out that mod. Silver contacts. Nice stuff.


That’s pretty damn sexy.