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USA United Squonkers of America


Yes very Sexy I wrote to Limelight to get pics of the 24mm 510 Freehand S :+1:


Way Cool I found pic’s on FB


Fired up my Kangertech 160 this morning and holy shit! The thing just wouldn’t turn off! WTF.
Had to open the battery compartment to turn off but too late!
Melted my drip tip!
Only got this in December as well!
Anybody had or heard similar?
Not sure if the shop will take it back and exchange or refund, will find out Monday!
Pissed off to be honest!


That Sucks I never heard of that happening :frowning:


Me neither?
I have fired off an email to Kangertech service department and will pop into the shop I purchased it from on Monday.
This is obviously very concerning and wanted to warn other users that this happened!
By the time I realised that the only way to stop it was too late and the damage was caused!
I really liked this squonker as well!


I love this Limelight Freehand S in Burl wood
and 24mm flat 510


Very nice looking piece of wood.


I will, have not even took it out of the box yet waiting to get a squonk mod the first of the month.


O and by the way the Chalice 3 is now out of stock at premium ecig also like every place else.


Some squonkin going on here


That is seriously SEXY :kissing_closed_eyes:


beautiful the freehand, a little undecided whether to take it or not …was speaking with the modder 2 days ago,he sent me some shots of the stabilized wood they have available atm(I really like the yellow in the second row and purple and gold in the last one)


someone may be interested in … they also have these available xD


I love the look of the burl woods :+1:



I would like to see Limelight make a ( Wood ) Dripbox 160 with a Hohmtech FSK 171 chip/board in it, 2 18650 batteries with a spring loaded 510 With Sexy Curves :smiley:


I just talked to the owner of Premium Vials he said he was going to try to get us some of the Cappy 4 and the super soft Squonk bottles



God , i love that one @__@’’’

its so hard find a stab wood like that !


Okay, I am going to ask something silly. What is stab wood?


Wood infused with a polymer. Here is a video