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I’ve never ordered from this vendor before but they just posted this if anyone is interested. They have a buy one get one free on the Dripbox 160.

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so I don’t belong to any “squonking” groups or communities nor know many people who have them either. I figured this would be a good place to ask since I ran across the thread. But does anyone own an MTO DNA 75 squonk mod? I’ve been having a really concerning issue with heat with mine, and wanted to know if anyone else has run into this issue.


Welcome Wayne I don’t have that Mod but maybe someone who does can help you sort it out :+1:


I do not own one and after doing a google search for it I was only able to find a site out of Italy that even mentions the DNA75 version. Plenty of reference to DNA 40’s

Because of it having the DNA 75 board and plenty of folks here are familiar with that board maybe a good description of the Heat issue you are having would lead to some help.


Can someone help me out here, I have had conflicting answers, will the sxk hadaly clone make contact with the center pin on the dripbox 160?

I’ve had one person tell me it doesn’t and one person tell me it does…


Please look at post 419 and 444 … I would not get the SXK because the clamps are to small and you can not fit your bigger coils under them


And Welcome to The Squonk Gang :grinning:


Thank you for the welcome, I looked at those posts…

I was mistaken, the one I was looking at was the shenray,…


So, after looking at that post, If I am looking at the right one, I am seeing that it fits on the hohm wrecker, but I was wondering will it fit on the dripbox 160 or is the 510 too short?

Sorry if I am being dense here…


Yes I use it on the DB 160 all the time


thank you for your help, going to go and browse the forum, been thinking about getting into juice diy mixing anyway, looks like I have found a new source of information…


Yes ELR is the Best place to be , good luck and just ask if you have any questions :+1:


Sorry to piggy back off your thread, but could you guys recommend what type of stainless steel wire to get for temp control, and how many wraps, spaced or not spaced. And any other information for getting into the world of TC. I’m using a dripbox 160 and currently use dual macro coils, 24 guage, and it reads at .24 ohms. I like this vape, but I would like a bit more flavor, but I am currently using the stock atty, but I have a hadaly clone on the way so I am hoping that will fix the flavor, but I am clueless on how to build a tc single coil deck. Can any of you offer up any builds that would work, and what do I need to set my temperature at to start with, and what would be too high?


I like this wire ( look at the reviews ) 26g , 3mm ID , 7 wrap spaced coil .55 ohm for single coil
.27 ohm for dual coils


Also check this out



Really liking the Split Atty on my Squeeze. Great flavor and no more dry hits! A couple squonks fill the tank and you can just vape away. Probably gonna order more of these. Great for non TC squonkers.


Sorry to reply to a very old post, but I saw your post about difficulty making coils…

I have essential tremors, which is basically like a non threatening disease that makes my hands shake almost like I have parkinsons…

I saw a video from super x drifter using the "artistic wire coiling gizmo"

This is the only method I have ever used to make even half decent coils… Just thought I would recommend it since it enabled me to build pretty tight coils…


Damnit, I had ordered a shenray hadaly from another site, after two weeks waiting they email me that the shipment is lost and they are issuing a refund… Well, 3fvape guess you get my business now…

Another two weeks with the stock atty on the dripbox160


That sucks well 3fvape has fast shipping you will get it in 2 weeks :+1:


Hi all. On the DB160 is the SUS setting for stainless steel? Also when I switch over to TC it goes to 160 watts. Is that adjustable?


Yes SUS is for SS and no you can not adjust the watts in TC mode just the temp


Thanks Rob! Appreciate the call also helping me figure this out. Loving this mod so far.