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Way Cool and

Welcome to the Squonk Gang :smiley:


Little than never. Another nudge by skully!!!


Okay, anywhere to get a clear cap for the hadaly?

I mean like see through clear, not the hazy acrylic… I want to see the squonk…


I have not seen one but it would be cool if they made one :+1:
or a glass one from Trinity glass


The one Psyclone has named clear is the frosted one and i haven’t seen any that’s totally clear.


wonder if the cyclone one could be polished back to clear??


Ordered a Shenray Haladay clone and an authentic Goon from 3Fvape yesterday. If you have the SS DB160 the SS Goon can be had for $37 on the flash sale. I think the sale ends sometime this afternoon.


Whats the SS DB160?


Stainless steel Kangertech Dripbox 160


Lol! Gotcha (duh moment!)


I’m still using the topper that came with the Dropbox 160. Was using the original coils in power mode and it was going through 3 sets of batteries a day. Last night I put dual 26g spaced 316L in it. Running it in temp mode now and it is still going through batteries like crazy. Is this normal?


Hmm this concerns me. I’d like to know the answer to this as well. I ordered a white Dripbox 160 kit a couple days ago from Urvapin for under 40 shipped. Also best batteries to use in this 160? Is the topper that comes with ok? Been looking at RBAs and see alot of clones. Is there any difference in taste or performance as opposed to authentics? I missed that Goon sale dammit. :disappointed:


I use batteries according to build and I stay around .20 to .35 ohms on my builds. The Sony VTC5A and theSamsung 25R are both good batteries.

The topper that comes on the 160 is terrible IMO. There is what they call a filter for it which is simply a spit back guard. Its disk shaped and fits into the underside of the black drip tip. I highly recommend using it until you find a good topper.

I have too RDAs on the way, the Goon and a Haladay clone. Got both from 3FVape and I did happen to catch the sale on the Goon. The Haladay is single coil. When you look for an atty for it look for ones with the BF pin in the description. A few

Halady clone 22mm
Goon 24mm <----- will have some slight overhang
No Legal clone

And anything that @Rob62 or @ozo recommends. There are others that know which ones to get but I just named a couple of folks that have helped me.


And I don’t mean to leave anyone out and sorry if I do but @Jayrell @Skullblade789 both have the DB160 and @wvsanta has squonk knowledge as well.


I believe that the DB160 will cut off the batteries when they drain down to around 3.75V which also plaques the DB2. Unfortunetly there isn’t a firmware fix for it (I believe the DB160 can’t even be updated). If I’m using it a lot, it’s typical for me to run through 2 pairs of batteries in a day. I’m using LG HG2 batteries.

Definitely find a suitable replacement for that stock RDA. As mentioned, the Hadaly and Goon (I prefer the 22mm) are popular choices. Actually all of my squonkers are typically topped with a Derringer V3 though.


So far yes it is normal. I use two sets of bananas and it goes through them like crazy. I vape at 60 to 70 and and it blows through them.


Derringer V3 available as an authentic still? If so what’s the price range? And is there a 1:1 clone and who makes it?


That’s what I’ve been running in mine today, yellow runts. I did use the first set till it said check batteries. Interested in seeing what they read when I put them on the charger.


I don’t think there was ever an original Derringer V3 :grinning: Fasttech has the Derringer V3 clone but they don’t come with a squonk pin. I’m using a FDV M2.5 in most mine but I think one of them (I have 5 of them) uses the M3.


I have 4 LG HG2, 2 Samsung 25R and a couple Nitecore D2 chargers so I guess I’m good. . I will get the back guard till I figure out which topper to buy. Thanks! Good to know it’s the norm.