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The batteries I drained checked out at 3.57 and 3.56. Not terrible. What’s bad is how fast they got to that point, lol.


Are the Sony batteries you use a 2500mah or a 3000? Maybe you will get more vape time with a 3000? Or does that still depend on the build you use? @Wings4Life mentioned he goes thru 2 sets as opposed to your 3…


It depends on how much you vape. I go through 2 sets daily with my DB 160 and 1 set on my RX 200 S. Those are my dailies.


I chain vape my Alien 220 @70w and my LG2s last me 2 days… I’m guessing squonking is gonna be a whole lot more taxing on them. xD


Depends on your builds I guess. I just know what mine do on the DB. I am happy with it though. Using a goon I get great flavor. It what I use constantly.


I also missed the 3fvape goon love sale (grrr). For a Twisted mod, I’d say go with the Sony VTC6, for mech or unregulated, go with the Sony VTC5A. (Not flogging Sony, just the best at the moment).

For an RDA, I’d recommend the Hadaly Clone by SXK, it’ll give you a single coil of dreamy tasty goodness. For flavor plus clouds, the goon (original is the only one I have) is great, awesome flavor.

⁣-- Dustin ​


I don’t think it would help much. I think it’s just the way the DB160 is made. It just loves to drain batteries. Plus I use it 90% of the day.


I think I have the Shenray version of the Haladly coming. But I’m sure I will order the SXK one soon. April is coming and that’s a reset on the vape budget :laughing:


This has nothing to do with what you folks are talking about, but just an observation. ^ That was post number 666 on this thread. Just sayin’


Well it is a hell of a lot of fun to squonk.


So you are saying there is a difference in the 2 clone?. SXK and Shenray? I have the SXKand my fused clapton is a tight fit, the clamps just don’t hold it very well. It pops out every time I try to straighten out the coil.


I just read this…[quote=“Rob62, post:626, topic:62136”]
I would not get the SXK because the clamps are to small and you can not fit your bigger coils under them


Not sure if rob will answer right away. I talked to him Sunday and he said he would be away for a week or so.


I will tell you that he recommended the Shenray version to me.


It’s in my cart as we speak… lol I wish I had scrolled up and read that the white dripbox 160 paint chips before I ordered it… grrr I’ll need to handle it with care I guess.


Not really. It is tough, but think of it as a beater. I carry it everywhere I go. She may be ugly, but she us good through and through.


Totally agree the DB160 Blows through my batteries and it cuts them off well before they are drained… still a good device in my opinion… I use LG HG2’s and right around 3.7 the DB cuts them off… as far as toppers I use the velocity V2 clone… works like a dream I’m squonk happy with this set up for now :slight_smile: not quite ready to dip my toes in the unregulated world even though I know ohms law and all regulated devices allow me to not have to worry as much about over draining my batteries :slight_smile: a. It off subject but hey just my 2 cents… thanks for thinking of me @TheTinMan1 happy to help when ever I can!


Yeah, me too. That’s why I asked.


Yeah I’ve seen some cool unregulated s I want but realize I have more to learn. I guess I need to quit watching so many vids on coil building but some are so damn pretty. :smirk:


The ShenRay Hadaly is the best clone.
My favorite atty for the squonkers is a Velocity V2
I use a bunch of different 18650’s. In the DB160 I have .26ohm SS spaced coils TC in SUS at 430F
and get a good day from one pair of batteries. Using a Velocity V2.

DB2 Velocity V2 .27ohm SS spaced coils 38.5W I get great battery life.

I have Goons, No Legal, No Toy, Tsunami, Hadaly, etc. on my desk, and twist them on sometimes, but all five squonkers
on my desk have Velocity V2 99% of the time.