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I know that’s not a V V2 on the white one…it’s not in use. In fact, that DB160 OEM atty has never been wet.


A note about batteries:
Are [your] batteries taking a full charge each charge cycle?
Do they need refreshing?


@ozo It is really good to see you back to posting.

The most recent addition to my Vape hardware

It is the HCIGAR VT Inbox with a Chalice 3. I have had it for 2 days now and just getting the hang of it. Loving it so far but still experimenting with finding the SWEET SPOT for this combination.


I forgot to get a V V2. And I have no idea on refreshing the batteries. Is that only with the Opus and higher end chargers? I have an I4 and not sure if it does refresh


I’m running spaced SS coils .24 ohms in SuS mode at 365F and my batteries are not going to last me through the day. Damn.


That is why I have spares and an extra mod. Usually gets me through even the heaviest of vaping days.


Oh, I have 3 sets of batteries with me and 2 more mods. I pack heavy for the work day.


Where is the atty on the VT Inbox…I can’t see one. bwahaha

Opus, Hohm Base (my favorite) , SkyRC, etc. will refresh. No Nitecore I know of will do it.
[“I forgot to get a V V2”] Ya, you asked someone to hold one for you, but you never said anything further.
[" I pack heavy for the work day."] But you never get any work done…you just vape and hang out on ELR.

I don’t ‘pack’ anything…I’m lazy, I just sit at home in the office where everything is…
[Not really true lately, I took a job to help a friend while he (and his wife) took maternity leave from their
XXX store and indoor range. He has all his vape DIY stuff set up on a desk, so I just use his. Walk thru the store
every once in a while, line out the youngun’s working there, then back on my ass…ordering, smithing, and generally dickin’ aound. Even mixing juice.]
It’s awful !!!


The Chalice 3 is very small for sure. But I am really liking it. Just wish I would have picked up a few more of them while they still had them in stock.


I may have one or two that I won’t be using, I will have to look for them.
The spouse and grandkids run off with any metal boxes I get [Girl Scout crafts, etc.] so I’m not sure what I have for tins…they just snoop my stuff and put things in baggies. They love the Kanger boxes…little rug rats. They would surely steal my ammo boxes if they were not molded with the cross sections.


I ordered this last night along with a Coil Master kit. I’ve read alot of good about the Velocity v2 and the Goons so those are probs my next 2 purchases. I’ve seen some good reviews on the Apocalypse 2 but haven’t read much here on anyone using it. It’s pretty pricey for the authentic though.[quote=“ozo, post:688, topic:62136”]
Opus, Hohm Base (my favorite) , SkyRC, etc. will refresh. No Nitecore I know of will do it.
I wish I had known about refreshing b4 getting the Nitecore. I like that those you mentioned have the ability to check if a new battery is a rewrap as well.

I’m glad you showed it. Gives me a better idea how silver looks on the white 160 I ordered. I think Ima need a white tip. xD

Can you expound on how to find it? I realize there are many variables. Is there a thread here that discusses it? If not there should be. :grinning:


It has to do with finding the right coil, the right watt/temp setting, the right wicking method and the right airflow for every different set up. You just have to keep trying different things until you find that perfect combination that works for you on every different setup. For me anyway every tank or dripper is different.


I have the shenray hadaly clone, and I am still having a hard time getting my fused claptons to not pop out when i try to straighten the coil… was thinking about maybe trying a flatter type of coil, perhaps a staple coil??? any thoughts?


Fuk, I really miss you when you are not around.

What all are you holding for me besides a DB160, a V V2 and possibly a cosmonaut? It’s been so damn long since we’ve talked. When’s the last time you called me? When the goats got lost.

You are right about packing heavy for work and not doing any work :laughing:


I don’t have the Hadaly so really have no clue what it even looks like. Maybe one of the others here that do have it will chime in.


would ss316 alien framed staple coils work for temp control?


Should work fine as long as all of the wires are SS


Sorry for my late response my grandmother passed away and I just got back

The Shenray doesn’t have a long taper on the plates that hold down the coil like the SXK
therefore you can put bigger wire and fused clapton’s in the Shenray


Sorry to hear that bro, hope you are ok. My thoughts will be with you.


Thank you for your kind words