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USA United Squonkers of America


Most welcome.


That is so strange I can go all day in SS temp mode with my DB 160 with 1 set of batteries


I start at 5AM and by 7 or 8PM I’m putting the 3rd set in. When I put them in the charger they are reading about 3.7 or so. It is odd.


I get about 20 hr’s out of 1 set of batteries in my DB 160
so if I put a fresh set in at 8:00 am they will last till noon the next day


Are you okay?


Yes I’m ok . Thank you for your concern





Here are some pics


Single coil BF. Nice. How much?

EDIT: Actually watched te video. It’s $29.99


It’s not out yet but will be $29.99 but watch the video for vendors


Brad’s Vapor has it on Pre-order here with code “vaportrail” for 10% off on the site: http://bit.ly/29J9RIZ
With Free shipping



Looks like it should be a really good one. I like the fact that he wants the price to be low enough that it would be hard to justify buying a clone over the authentic. I totally agree with what he said about that in the video.

I am glad to see one of the big reviewers taking interest in Squonking, now if a few more would get on the train maybe we (in the US) would get access to more Squonking mods stocked by US vendors.

The other thing that I agree with on his design is the single coil reduced chamber size. I really wish there was more focus on this type of atty. It seems that the industry in general has went the direction of massive chamber size and multiple coils with massive airflow and that is a combination that just does not work for me.

Looks like this one would be nearly impossible to over squonk resulting in leaking liquid out the air holes.


Very cool. I really like the way they did the deck on this. Putting the coil at an angle and the post screws just makes sense so you don’t have to twist the coil to get it aligned. The bottom feed going directly to the side wells is cool, too.


I am in need of some 7 ml squonk bottles. Anyone know where I could get some


For the DB160?


Yeppers. I just want spares.


From what I heard @ozo has 100s of them.


Not asking for some just wondering where to get some.


I think he bought them all so he is like the supplier. Lmao.