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USA United Squonkers of America


Well son of a bitch.


Ditto! Nuff said because the rant that would follow would turn into a lengthy book and I don’t have that kinda time!


Here ya go But they are out of stock right now


848 In stock at Kanger



Thank you very much.


Thank you for sending me an out of stock item. Lol.


If you are in the states:
Fasttech has them too but not in stock right now:

You might be able to find them on ebay too.


What the hell. Here is a great item. Oh yeah, fuck you not in stock. LMFAO!!! $


Yeah where were you when they were in stock??? LOL. I go lucky and ordered them when they were in stock (surprisingly) at FT during the Easter sale. Still waiting for two Pico Squeeze mods to ship though.


u mean…like this one? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit: it s a “Hadaly Bell Cap” by Bell Vape [ Chris Mun (Munoz Brothers) ]


Anybody currently using an M-Vapes Squonker? They are on the expensive side, but they look like fantastic mods. Just wondering if they justify the cost. It’s nice that they use 15ml bottles and make them available on their site.



So this arrived last night. Pretty impressed, I am.


What mod is that. Looks cool.


A Frankenskull mech mod squonker


LOL beat me to it! Guess they are pretty decent mods with different bottles and 510.


@Norseman and @Wings4Life

I was refering to the post above the Frankenskull.

This one.


Right, my bad. Never looked at which post you replied to at all. Got no clue on what that is so i can’t help you out there


Yeah can get a bit confusing when replying to a previous post…wish the post could be quoted when replying to one.


What Mod is that one ?


This is a old one but a good one for new people using Mech Mods



it a ALT by boostlab from south korea…have to say i m really satisfied :it pretty cool,really a nice design,super small(18650) …mine is a bit pimped too.