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USA United Squonkers of America


Way cool do you have a link for it ?


they have 2 fb pages:1 normal and the 2nd closed where they sell small batch too



Cool looking DNA 75 Squonk Mod

Also in stab wood




Love the form factor!! I was just mentioning to a buddy that I really wish the Pico Squeeze was available with the regular Pico chipset so I could do TC. Think I will pass on the $360 price tag though as I’m happy enough with my $16 Squeeze.


Yeah I know … LOL

Why do things that look so cool have such a high price tag :disappointed:

I think I’m going to wait for the Tony B Squonk Mod


Any specs published on that Tony B Squonk Mod yet?


Not yet Tony is still working on 2 mods


Wow! I read the whole thread in about 3 days… Now I want to buy a mod. Problem is that I have never owned anything like a mod. I currently have a XEO Void Vaporizer (think Ego style, but made by sie Germans, with 2 different atomizers 1 and .6 ohm). I know very little about the process of maintenance, coil building (much less all the different combinations of coil diameter, material, configuration). I just watched the video from Super X, which made a lot of the theoretical idea come into focus.

I have shied away from mods (especially RDA style) because I felt like, in my life (I have 3 school aged kids), sitting around refilling every few minutes was not going to work…then I stumbled onto this thread. :smiley: IMO, there a fair bit of genius to the basic design.

So here is the challenge I put to you well seasoned vapers/squonkers. I need to know EVERYTHING I will need. I am a complete noob to mods. I want all you favorite recommendations, squonk mods that are user friendly (I am think a regulated device, so I don’t hurt myself), BF RDA, coils, batteries, charger, wicking material… anything else. I have a basic idea of what to do, but NO idea where to start my journey. I am new, not only to squonking, but also to mods et al. I have been vaping since 2014, and know I like a cooler vape (relatively speaking).

I am trying not to break the bank. If need be, I can buy my equipment in stages, but that is pure torture. LOL What I get needs to be durable and not temperamental. One last thing, can you point me in the direction of basic maintenance intructions (how often do you clean, how do you when it is time to change your coils/wicks, ect.)?

TIA, for any help you have for this future USA! :blush:


Ok first do you live in the US ?

I only ask that question to find out where to point you to good deals


Yep, USA :smiley:


I just sent you a PM :+1:


@Rob62 will steer you right! :innocent:

I’m a tank guy… @Rob62 has tried his best to convert me to Squonking! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: …but, if I were more of a drip vaper, I’d go for the squonk set up. :grin:


LOL … you like your Kayfun though :smile:


Heck yeah! Love my V5 and V3 mini! :grinning:… thanks to your persistence! :innocent:


Just posted this in Good Deals but you can get the Wraith squonker for $30 shipped with the code MEMORIAL2017 at ecig-city.


Thank you so much for posting this. Just placed an order. I have been contemplating a Squonker for a while and at $31.73 shipped I could not say no to this deal. I won a Wasp Nano from Heaven Gifts and really want to try it out on a Squonker.


That Wasp should pair nicely with the Wraith! I just ordered the Wraith too with that deal so I really can’t comment on it yet. Hoping that it will do TC better than the Dripbox 2 that I have. Also, from what I have read, the bottle size is closer to 15ml than the 5ml listed in the specs. Here’s the ECF thread on it.


Welp, I just ordered my very first mod… Now we wait. :smiley: Big thanks to @Rob62 for taking the time to steer me toward a beginner rig.


What did you end up going with?