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I went with the Dripbox 2, with the Pulse rda from Vandyvape. :smiley:


I was a little skeptical of the Pulse, when it was recommended, because of the deep wells. I was afraid of leaks, but after doing a little more research, and watching some youtube videos, and it looks like my fears were unfounded. I am really impressed with the level of detail that Tony and VandyVape seemed to put into that design. I can’t wait for it to get here!


That’ll be a nice looking setup! :+1:


Anyone have much experience with the pindad? Or any of these sqounking cotton genny’s?


I have a Split Atty clone which is of the same concept. I get pretty good flavor out of it and they are really nice for avoiding dry hits on non TC squonkers, plus you get a couple extra ML of capacity. I have one on top of one of my Pico Squeezes but I’ll probably be replacing it with one of these when I get around to ordering one as it has a much better deck compared to the Split Atty.


If you liked the Hadaly your going to Love the Pulse

26g X 36g 316L SS fused clapton 7 wraps on a 3mm rod ohms at .32

This is the way I’m rocking it ( one hole over the two air chambers )
For a nice restricted D to L hit with a standard drip tip


My vape mail is starting to show up! So far, I have gotten my wire, a few days ago, and today I got a shipment from Amazon, which contained my tweezers, Ohm meter, Battery charger, and flush cut wiper cutters… I am just waiting for my DB2, Pulse, 18650’s, & cotton


And I was just about to pull the trigger on a Wasp…decisions, decisions…


Go for both. The wasp is around $15 and worth every penny. I am very happy with mine. I will get my Wraith tommorw so I’ll get to use the Wasp as a squonker. I am looking forward to it.


EEEEE! It came! I am so excited! I have cleaned the pulse, and my batteries are charging! Snoopy dancing


Problem is I keep telling myself that I have too many RDAs already! Hopefully you got your Wraith. Mine is showing a delivery date of Saturday but I don’t see that happening as the shipment was showing it was San Bernardino early today and I’m in Ohio.


Wooooooo! Built my own coil and vaped off my new Dripbox 2 for the first time! So delicious! I really like the Pulse! So tasty.


Here it is all put together. :smiley:


Way Cool Welcome to the Squonk Gang :grinning:


Has anyone heard from @Dan_the_Man lately?


I have been enjoying this set up for about 30 hrs now and my thoughts… I love this. I am getting used to the rhythm of puff puff squonk. I have also been easing in to higher watts. I am loving the FLAVOR! It is so tasty! I am trying all my old flavors and enjoying the intensity and nuanced flavors I never noticed before. This is great. I only wish I had pulled the trigger sooner on a full fledged mod and rba. Anyone who is lurking and wondering if it is worth the extra everything that goes into these kits, over your “plug and play” kits, it IS. And the set up I have here, is not hundreds of dollars of stuff… 40 for the Kanger BD2 and 30 for the pulse. :smiley:


I have been wondering the same thing. Hope he is doing OK.

@rckchik glad you are liking the new setup. Best of both worlds in Squonking. Flavor of a dripper with the convenience of juice supply without having to drip.


@TheTinMan1 @wvsanta thanks for missing me. Lots going on… first, my computer crashed so I have to use my phone, which I am not very good at. My Dad passed on to the other side, so my mom and sister and I decided to move in together, so we packed up 30 years of stuff and moved. The worse part is not having access to my concentrates. I had to vape commercial juice, which was a nightmare and a total waste of barrowed money. :laughing: Anywho, my whole routine is down the drain but things are looking up and I’m vaping good stuff


Be careful with the battery door, mine broke completely off and I have heard of others having the same problem


Sorry to hear about your dad. I’m glad you are ok and you were missed.

Not sure what you like to vape but I can send you some juice and I’m sure others will help out too. Just let me know. Via PM if you like.