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Sorry to hear about your Dad passing. Hope things get better soon but it is good to see you jump in and let us all know you are OK. If you need anything just let me know, I would gladly help in any way I can.


Thanks fr the tip. Sorry to hear about your Dad. Sending hugs from NH


So I got my COV Wraith on Friday and it is really nice. The menu structure is a bit different than any other mod that I have used. It’s not very intuitive at all. I think they made it different just for the sake of being different. I figured it out and it’s not bad, just weird. The RDA that comes with it is not great. The airflow is set up so that it either hits all the way around the deck when fully open and half open or it hits just the coils when closed down to an almost MTL draw. I couldn’t find a setting that had the draw that I like without drastically compromising flavor. Bottom line, the Wraith is a nice Squonk Mod but the provided RDA is weak at best.

I put the BF pin in my Wasp Nano and put it on the Wraith. The Wasp is a great little RDA and worked well as a Squonker. It’s hard to tell how much liquid is going to the well when you squeeze the bottle because of the deck configuration but after a short while I got it figured out.

All in all I am very happy and look forward to trying a few other Squonk RDA’s. The Pulse is at the top of my wanted list right now.


Glad to see you back Sorry to hear about your dad


Thanks bro


Anyone ever disassembled a drip box 160?

Thinking about trying to take mine apart and hydrodipping the pannels


I have never disassembled one but that would be cool. I think Phil Busardo has in one of his videos


Finally got my Wraith on Tuesday. It’s a pretty nice mod. Haven’t played with the included RDA but will when I get a chance to. I have the DB2 which is the most comparable mod to it. I definitely like the styling of the Wraith compared to the DB2. As you mentioned, the menu system is a little awkward and is not straight forward but after watching a couple youtube reviews I figured it out. TC is definitely better on the Wraith compared to the DB2. What I like the most is that you can adjust the wattage in TC on the Wraith while the DB2 fires at the full 80W in TC. Can’t comment about battery life yet compared to the DB2 until I get it into the regular rotation.

The included bottles seriously suck. They are WAY too soft. Standard 10ml juice bottles work fine and I replaced the stock with one of those. FT has cheap bottles that will work fine and I use them with my Coppervape BF as well.

The Wraith will be replacing my DB2 and I’ll be putting the DB2 up for sale. Anyone interested can PM me .


I have been using the pulse for a little while now and I have noticed some things about it. First, as you may be aware, this is my first mod and first RDA, so there may be somethings that you may think, “well, DUH!”, but it is all new to me. LOL
First, I am running the pulse with a single macro coil, 26g 316L SS, 7 wraps, .59 ohms, and at various wattages from 30- 35 W. Simple build for a beginner, but I did wrap the coil myself and it didn’t look like total garbage before I dry burned it in. :smiley:
Up until yesterday, I have been running the pulse with one hole open, fully or partially, just to play with the airflow. But I noticed that I was getting some oozing liquid collecting in the closed hole. I kept cleaning and it was just come back. It wasn’t coming from the outside, but seemed to be coming from the seam where the two pieces came together. I opened it up yesterday and , lo, the closed hole was full of juice. It is hard to say if it was because it was tipped at one point, or condensation of the liquid (I am inclined to believe it is the latter). After cleaning everything out, I decided to try a hole configuration where both holes are partially open, making the Pulse look as if it looking sideways at everything. Not only has it fixed the problem with juice collecting in that closed hole, but I also noticed a huge jump in flavor, immediately! I highly recommend giving it a try, to anyone with the Pulse. I was enjoying some DIY Rhodonite, and was suddenly able to pick up more of the fruity flavors (still not the bright pop of raspberry or apple I was hoping for when I was reading the flavor description, but that is another conversation, for another thread ;)). JMO, but if anyone else tries this, I would be curious to know if you notice a difference. :smiley:


I think you did a great job on sharing your personal experience with the Pulse. This is good information for anyone that is considering buying one or for someone like myself that just ordered one but has not received it yet. Supposed to arrive today

Congrats on your first mod and rda combo and for building and installing your first diy coil. That is no small accomplishment because there are many long time vapors that just can not build there own. Kudos


I have to give credit where credit is due… @Rob62 helped me A LOT. We have had several phone convos, where he guided me through the basics, including good starting points for gauge, wraps, and also what equipment have served him well, as well as things that fit into my modest budget.

I am glad the feedback I left is useful. It is hard to know what will actually be something that a person may or may not know. :smiley: I hope you enjoy the Pulse. I have no basis for comparison, but I am really enjoying it. Compared to the VOID, the flavor is SO much better.

I am really loving this community! Every one is so nice and helpful (I think the U Squonkers are the best, but maybe I am biased), but I have also gotten the pleasure of interacting with several REALLY nice people.

Thanks for your kind words, and I am so happy to give back (even if it is just a tiny bit) to such a helpful group of people. :blush:




Rob helped me out a lot also in my journey into the world of Squonking.

@Rob62 just got the Pulse in and vaping on it now but my first coil I think I mounted a little bit to low to get the best flavor. I will have to play with the build some to find the best flavor. So far my impression is it will be a very nice atty once I figure that out


Are Rebel and ginger vapor related to each other or just in the habit of putting out very similar products? While it is plainly not the same mod as the Boxer mod, they do share some features, like the mix and match colors. BTW, I have no idea who came up with the idea first, just noticing they both seem to be doing the same thing at the same time.


They do look the same. I haven’t seen Boxer do any DNA squonkers though.


Hot looking!!


True, the boxer is a Mech mod.


No … The Boxer was 1st


Yeah I like the Rebel … I would like to see a bigger squonk hole like the DB160
( more on the sides )


Looking to start squonking and have been eyeballing that db160 and the pulse22 to put on top. Everyone seems to be out of everything except the silver for the box, and after reading about the battery issues on that particular finish, I understand why. Is this still a thing and does that sound like a decent setup? I love my rda’s for flavor and vapor and can’t wait to try this out! Thanks in advance!