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USA United Squonkers of America


That would be a good set up for you


I like the deck design on that one. I have a lot of rda’s already, just won’t have to drip anymore and I can kick my tfv8 for the work vape and stop buying premades for it. Win, win!


Ok rather than start a new thread I would like to ask a couple questions on how squonking may or may not have advanced since I first looked into it a couple yrs ago. For starters back then I was vapin a whole lotta Alien Visions Boba’s bounty and Gorilla juice. Any one familiar with them understands what they did to wicks and coils so the thought of all that nastiness being sucked back into my squonk bottle was a big con! Leaking both under the 510 where the tube connects AND on top of the 510 where the atty connects were trouble spots back then. I would like some feedback in those areas since the market is about to boom in that area and some of the atty’s are very interesting too me! (Pindad- Gaia and Split atty in that order)


This is why ALL atty’s need to have a Hex BF Pin not a slot pin
Mod Maker makes a good BF 510 now

And with the new super soft silicone bottles the silicone tube will resist leaking
So things are getting way better now days :thumbsup:

And you can refill with this ( check out the video )

http://www.modmaker.co.uk/MM-Squonker-Refill-System[quote=“xxanalogxx, post:803, topic:62136”]
all that nastiness being sucked back into my squonk bottle

Check out the Pulse RDA


Thank you Rob, On the surface it looks as if Mod Makers has their poop in a group :slight_smile: I have been looking at a lot of BF equipment lately and have been shaking my head at how many slotted pins I have been seeing and thinking WTF lol. Anyhow do you find yourself replacing the 510s on you mods or is it easy to figure out which mods have good 510s already in them. With china about to unleash a bunch of them I would think its something we need to watch for. Also concerning the bottles do you have an idea of the usable capacity? (IE 80% 85%…)


I would like to put the mod maker 510 on my steam crave squonk mod
I’m waiting to see the squonk mods Tony B ( from the Vapor Trail Channel ) comes out with . I have talked to him about the mod maker 510
I like to keep my bottles 1/2 to full at all times so it’s easier to squonk


If Tony B gets to make those decisions I would have complete confidence in whatever he choose! He is keeping things pretty close to the vest on what the future is bringing. That being said I am somewhat of an evolv fanboy and I am thinkin his venture will likely be a mech. Nice to see a fellow Steamcrave fan also!


I think Tony will come out with a DNA squonk mod ( but not sure )
I have had a few e-mails with him so we will see :sunglasses:


I saw Jai Haze review for this (Gaia) and may have pitched a tent lol! He called it too hot of a vape… and I thought YES an efficient atty! (in the right hands) :slight_smile:


Just wanna add I like Jai Haze and was super impressed with the coils he was using in the Gaia! I thought I was the only one silly enough to do things like that lol. I just would not have ran 42 watts through them!


So stoked today! Came home, found my pulse 22 and my db160 waiting for me! Will post pics later, going to throw this thing together and have at her! Lol


Rebel vapes just made a dual 18650 dna 200 mod!
Its shaped kinda like the reuleaux



I’ve wanted a squonk for so long, that rx200 one looks nice!


I have the movkin for now till i order that rebel squonker


I took mine apart. It goes back together quite easily.



@wvsanta Check it out




I wish that there were more quality dual 18650 squonk boxes out on the market! The drip box 160 got it right, I don’t get how some of these companies are cool with charging $200 for a mod with a rubber tube in it! This one and that cov drone really looked nice, until I saw that! Just begging for issues!!! C’mon guys, get with it!!! (The manufacturers I mean)


I think the DB160 gets a bad rep because it’s a Kanger product and TC on it is less than desirable plus no firmware upgrades. Other than that, it’s a solid mod and I use mine daily on my desktop. Still kicking myself for not picking another one up when they were running under $30 :cry:


I use my DB 160 daily at home at work and it preforms well. Plus I can put the New CETO RDA on it and run higher watts for mesh builds