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USA United Squonkers of America


How are you liking that CETO???..I’ve had my eye on that one…


I was just about to ask the same thing! I’m very interested in that.


I did not get it yet but its in the states . it should be here this week :+1:


Awesome! Please let us know what you think of it when you get a chance to test it!


You bet :grinning: I plan to test the CETO with a lot of different builds


That thing looks like the vapors version of a beer bong :crazy_face:


Well I got my CETO :smiley: I put in a .39 ohm 316L SS # 400 mesh coil and run it at 65 watts . I like it :sunglasses: nice large squonk hole so it squonks real easy

Im going to try 3 or 4 rows of horizontal fused clapton wire next and see how that works

The only con is the o rings are super tight so its hard to pull the chamber off the base


Which box is that?


Drip Box 160 . With the Ceto you will need a lot of power and 2 batteries
Because it drained my inbox fast at 65 watts


That was my guess but I don’t usually see that side in pics.


You have issues with your batteries sticking inside that? I purposely didn’t buy that finish just because of that (I got the black one).


Yeah you have to take off the stickers on your batteries


Ok so I had to take off the bottom O Ring on the CETO and it’s A LOT better to pull the chamber off the base


SuS?? New term for me lol I’m catching up on all my old posts lol


Stainless steel setting.


Thank you… :slight_smile:


Just ordered the Chalice 4 clone for 10.59 This one can take fused clapton wire and has a 3mm air hole for restricted DL or M to L


Hey @wvsanta @Kinnikinnick @ozo @VapeyMama @MisterSinner


Welcome @felix_Vapes to ELR
A lot of good info and good people here :+1:



Hey Y’all I just got a super soft squonk bottle from 3fvape and it is super nice. got here in two weeks. it fits all the new 3Dprinted squonk mods they are coming out with. The Frankenskull and others



Hey guys for shiggles i thought i would grab a CopperVape BF 18650 Mechanical Mod as dripping at work is just a little too hard - I want to chuck a goon original on it but I need a bf pin that fits (pref not from one of the Chinese vendors I have some on order JIC). Now i tried the BF pin from the goon 1.5 and it fits however it reduces the protrusion of the 510 pin at the bottom and it appears to protrude about a mm on the deck of the mod.

As a result I have a couple of questions I was hoping one of you could help with.

Is there a source that you guys /gals know of for authentic bf pins for orig goon?
Is the reduction of the 510 pin protrusion normal with a bf pin and does it matter with the CopperVape? (I havent got it in my hands yet)
Should the bf pin protrude a little above the deck on the inside?

Cheer any insights would be great.