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USA United Squonkers of America


Here’s a really good thread on the CV BF that may answer your questions:

Some attys will protrude a bit from the base of the mod depending on the length of the BF pin which can be shortened if necessary. Not quite sure what size that BF pin is for the goon, but if you are in the States, check out FatDaddy’s pins…about half way down the page.


Cheers mate thanks for the info - i decided to trim the goon 1.5 bf pin flush with the deck on the original goon (i think it was 3 or 4 threads i cut off). Will see how it goes when the mod arrives.


Time to build a Squonker :smiley:
Berkshire mini G wood box
Mod Maker Squonker 510
Ginger Vaper Squonk bottle





Awesome bro. I want to do that also. Recently moved and still don’t have my vape shop set up yet. I hope you post your progress


You bet but it might take me some time with all the hours I’m working at work :wink:


Looks like that’ll be a nice little setup!:+1:


So has any more information come out about the Mod Tony B has been working on? Anyone hear anything about what we can look forward to? I am super excited to see what he envisions and being a great mod, for the masses. Based on the mod he already uses regularly, I am pretty hopeful about what direction he may go. :smiley:


Tony is going to start with a mech Squonk mod first But will soon have a regulated Squonk Mod :smiley:


The New Chris Scott KO Squonk Mod

I love this one :smiley:


Very Nice! What specs does that beauty have and what topper are you sporting on that?


That is just a pic of one . It’s not mine but I got on the list to get one :+1:

Here’s the video for more info


LOVE IT!! Gonna try to duplicate your success. :slight_smile:


Good luck, and be sure to post your results…


I just bought a skin for it and applied it before I used it. I’m hard on things…


Thank you!! Will do-

Kimberly McDonald


I’ve had my 160 awhile now and still looks good. I baby it a bit so if it starts looking like shiz, I’ll get a skin for it too. My IPV on the other hand looks reeeeally bad so it’s getting a new look soon.


Well now that I’ve looked into all it entails, I don’t think I can do this. I have no electrical/electronic or soldering skills…poop!


Haha! We have the same tastes! I have a skin on my IPV too. Lol!

Kimberly McDonald


The New Chalice 4 clone from 3fvapes

Ok a lot of people know how much I love my Chalice 3 that I modified for a D to L hit and still be able to get a M to L hit BUT this new Chalice 4 came with a 3mm air hole inside and it has a lot more air flow but you can still turn it down for a good M to L hit. It also came with a non Squonk pin for people that don’t Squonk. I put a 6 wrap 316L SS fused clapton build on a 3mm bit ( ohm’s out at .29 ) in this and the flavor is kick ass. I highly recommend this RDA for Squonking or not
The only thing I wish they would have done is make the chamber screw onto the base like the Chalice 3
And if you take off the drip tip you can’t look down inside to see how much you squonked because of the anti spit back


I like the design in that u have no choice but to put the barrel on the base in the right spot lining up w/ the coil. Can’t u hack the very end off the top cap eliminating just the spit back part?