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USA United Squonkers of America


Yeah that thought has crossed my mind LOL
But I’ll keep it the way it is for now. I think I just have to get used to it

And yes I had to fix my Chalice3 clone air flow but once I did it screwed into place every time


yep, aint like cutting 454 drip tip spit back off, thats a $2 hit or miss, with that u have to think twice about getting out the angle grinder


The cool thing is there is NO spit back LOL
But Lots of Flavor

When in doubt JUST SQUONK


Looks like this will be my next squonker!!! Looks to be a bit bigger than the Squeeze.


Look really nice and since the pico is my favorite regular mod i could see myself sporting one of these


I did hear them having prob w/ the captain and the new batt config. I would definitely read up on it even more so since that site gives u actually no info.other then they seem to like exotic cars. Funny how they realize that peps like the small height of the pico and using that design.


Thanks I’ll have to keep that in mind! Still haven’t figured out why Eleaf hasn’t released a TC version of the Squeeze. They’d have my money for sure!!! Love the size of that thing.


Be interested to see how well these get reviewed. It’s the Tony B mech squonk mod. I see them listed between $30-$40.






Yep, you gotta watch that @Rob62 guy…he ain’t right in the head.
I personally think he vapes too much Purple Rain (tobacco).

Also beware if he ever invites you to visit…
He will have you cleaning his pool, and picking up oranges that fall on the ground…
while he disappears and takes a nap.

If you are lucky, he will feed you a chimichanga.

Just keep your eye on him…

P.S. I hope you like the Grateful Dead.
@Rob62 only has one CD, Grateful Dead, and has it on a looper.


I use two SS DB160’s every day, since they came out.

As @Rob62 said, you can peel the battery labels off to help the fit, if they have labels…
but DON’T peel the wrap off. [had to throw that in as a disclaimer, eh?]

I have done the opposite, I have added labels, to keep my batteries organized
for pairing and date-of-purchase. When I have some that are tight, I turn/rotate them
and they find a place to easily slide in. That being said, I do have a few that are just
too tight, so I simply grab another pair.

Great thing is…the battery life is good on the DB160 [both of mine are set at
425 degrees SUS .26ohm] Dual SS coils in a Velocity V2


LOL Hey @ozo are you home yet ???


I was for a couple days, and in the States for a week+…I had some exotic animal import/export to tend to, and help a couple zoo’s with transfers.

Back in OZ…my Brother is going through some surgeries for cyst removal from his liver and kidneys…

Love your new 4-string bass…My Mariachi short neck bass got here a month ago, but I didn’t have time to unbox it when I was home. Alejandro’s Uncle hand made it for me…from start to finish.

Good to see you working long hours…so you can pay Linda for her chimichangas.

I pray your family is well, God bless all of you.


I believe that! LOL


I have to confess, I have moved on from squonking. I really enjoyed my mod and it was a super great set up, but I found that I got bored of the flavor before I finished my bottle. These days I have been using the teslacigs nano 120 with a medusa reborn (rdta) on top. I really like the dual coil. It is a 25mm, but the inside is tight, so it has great flavor.
Thanks for all the great advice I got from you guys!


That’s why I have 6 different squonkers just in case I get bored with a flavor :star_struck:


I just don’t have the cash for that many different set-ups. I have 3 kids, + lots of other hobbies I like to spend my “allowance” on. :smiley: I can definitely see the benefit, though, of have so many different vapes to choose from.


Yep those hobbies and kids can definitely mess with the cash flows! I really have too many squonkers. Another option is to have some extra squonk bottles when you want to swap flavors…much cheaper than multiple squonkers


The great thing about squonking is you can just drip like a normal rda.


I will just squonk a bit extra…for you then…