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Are there stoppers out there for the silicone tubes used in squonk bottles to prevent them leaking when they are not in a mod?
If there is, it would definitely help when carrying multiple squonk bottles with juice in them.


I was thinking about this just the other day - i haven’t ordered any yet and haven’t shopped around but something like this would work


:+1: Thanks!
Only 4mm there not 5mm, I need both, but I’m sure I’ll find them easy enough now that I know to search for “blanking caps”.


hit the auto parts store, used to use em to plug unused vacuum lines long, long time ago


These seems to be perfect, all sizes too.

Edit: on second thoughts maybe not, 2.7mm is the smallest, the inner diameter of squonk tubes are usually 2mm.

Edit2: I just ordered these.


Anyone know of of a 20700 mechanical squonk mod that hits as hard as the Signature Tip’s SQ?
I wish Signature Tips would make a 20700 version.


I just found these from Modmaker that are made specifically for squonk bottle tubes, they are cheap too.


Im interested in this squonking thing :smile: Can i convert a regular RDA to a squonk RDA ? Can i just change the pin and convert it. Ive been searching for just a sqonk pin.


You can get squonk pins for some atties and others don’t offer the option.


Ok Thank you


Is it possible to convert an RDA over to sqonk. Like a goon RDA ?


Absolutely, you can get squonk pins for the goon. Here’s one place. http://www.3fvape.com/misc/12789-replacement-bottom-feeder-center-pin-for-goon-rda-golden-brass.html#.WjrB0SaWyUk


Hi Robin. I’m relatively new to squonking after just a few months now. My only squonk mod is a DNA 250, and let me tell you that the setup with the atty I use most is practically vaping perfection! We could discuss setups all day, and each I’m sure has its own merits. I’m getting all the wonderful benefits of temp control with the heightened flavor of a kick ass bottom air flow RDA…and I never have to drip! Win win win. And win.

That said, there are many other folks here who have been squonking for a good long while and who I’m sure could guide you to a less expensive first rig. Mine with the atty was around $200, but I know there are good one to be had for less than $100 for mod and RDA. That’s where the seasoned folks can help you.

I am getting a new squonk mod which is mechanical. In fact I’ve been using mechs a lot lately and I must say, I love them. I see that may be where my squonking venture is heading. So perhaps some folks will chime in. I know @JMak642 recently got the Pulse squonk kit. That may be an affordable first set up. Best of luck if you do choose to take the plunge. It’s so worth it!


Thank you. I thought about getting the pulse too. The fact that i wouldnt have to continuously drip is a win-win for me too. The pulse is affordable. I went overboard this year with the Black Friday sales. My budget is tight.


I am relatively new to squonking as well fwiw I don’t have the pulse or any other of the plastic type mods - i bought a frankenskull which was not that good for me and it sort of scared me off the plastic type.

The cheapest and probably the most hardy squonker i have is a coppervape bf (be aware it is super heavy for what it is but i cannot kill it). Look pretty sweet with a bit of a polish.


Another great budget squonker to check out is the Pico Squeeze. Paired with a Wasp RDA it’s a great combo.


Agreed I bought this for a good friend and I will say she loves it what I’ve seen off it it is a very good choice to go if you do not wish to go the mechanical route. I have the Capo Squonker and the GBox and am enjoying them both. Both well under $100.


The Luna from Asmodus arrived today. The most comfortable squonker to date for me.


Ooh I like that! Looks like the perfect opening for your squonk finger. Very nice.


Exactly. Super smooth cut out too.:+1: