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That looks very comfortable especially where the bottle is, It looks as if you will get the perfect amount of juice up with one squonk, some boxes are easy to push too hard , Nice I like it!


I have had my eye on this one also . Congrats :smiley:


Thanks Rob. I thought the placement of the fire button would bother me but not at all.


Oh by the way Rob62 I have bought a lot of good flavor atties (All clones) but I got the best 1:1 I could find. if you get a chance please check out the Haku, Enthion, Mucipher and Hellfire Sentinel (This is my favorite, it uses the same no leak setup as the chalice. Great flavor atties oh and the Hadaly is ok.


I do have the pulse squonker. I got it because I wanted to try out squonking, it was cheap and vandyvape is trustworthy. I like it well enough. Overall the mod is fine, but there is no mosfet so you are putting all your faith in the switch. The Mooch tested it and found the switch to be “okay”, expected like 250k cycles at least. Good enough for a device I paid <$30 for. @robin check your goon’s accessory bag, most of them (even the clones and the “clones”) ship with a squonk pin. I’ve used goon 1.5 and pulse 24 attys on mine, both were fine.


The Pulse is a nice little mod. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now. For less than $30 it’s a great value. Add a squonk pin to your Goon and you’d have a sweet setup.

My only complaint with it is battery life. The mod will take 20700 size batteries and once they are easier to get that should be resolved. With 18650 batteries I change batteries more often than I have to refill the juice bottle.


I stumbled on these with my sick hobby of looking at vape gear for no particular reason


Thank you very much!


Pulse BF Squonk Mod with Pulse 22 RDA
Athena Squonk Mod with Chalice 4 RDA


Big Shout out to MyFreedomSmokes.com
For their Excellent Customer Service

I ordered a Wasp nano RDA stainless base with clear top cap and by mistake they sent me the stainless base with ultem top cap. I made a phone call and they handled it vary Professionally
They are sending me a new RDA with return postage to send the ultem one back



I’m so lazy and ADHD ridden, I would have a hard time reading a thread with 10 posts, much less 900. So I’m saying up front that I have not read a lot of the thread. With that now being out of the way…

I have said I don’t want to squonk because I don’t want to buy all new gear. I am slowly changing my mind. And with that also out of the way…

I am really now thinking about how much I miss an RDA. So I’m really thinking hard about squonking. So, while I’ve surely missed a lot of the answers already here, can someone point me to a squonker that checks these boxes:

  • Dual 18650, external, preferrably in RX200 form factor
  • Minimum 10ml bottle capacity
  • Available in multiple colors that are not black and silver
  • Good TC
  • Arctic Fox compatible

And an RDA with:

  • Minimum 24mm deck
  • Velocity style or similar
  • Wide chuff cap
  • Again, colors.

I know I could probably find the answers here but I implore you to help; I am not the most focused forum reader a lot of times. Thanks!



1st Check out

2nd Why a 24mm RDA ? Some of my best RDA’s are 22mm or smaller with a restricted chamber


I’ve had great luck with 22’s, specifically the 13/9. Just wanted a wider build deck.

Thanks for the link, too. I will be over there now.


I think you’ll find dual 18650 squonkers to be very rare. Those that do exist are mostly mechanical. And fewer still have much variety for colors.

Here’s a new single battery coming out soon that I think just looks really great. Not sure about quality though, but it has looks.

Currently on pre-order.


I have one, it is a 20700 single battery with a sleeve for use with 18650, pure wattage control no other digital bells and whistles. Works fine but battery life ain’t great, but nice and compact and seems to be built well. I get a much better hit at lower watts with the GBox. I do not mess with temp control so both are adequate.


Im testing one at the moment, its a solid device but you need the right build, works much better with a single coil RDA rather than the dual it comes with 🖒


The GeekVape Gbox 200 has most of your requirements, with just a bit smaller bottle capacity and no AF support as of yet (hopefully Eleaf will be releasing a dual battery squonker sooner or later). The RDA that comes with the Geekvape kit is supposed to be decent as well, but you can always buy just the mod and pick up a separate RDA. Some good squonking 24mm RDAs to look at are the Pulse 24, Digiflavor Drop, Dead Rabbit, Bonza and the Iconic.


Thanks. I ended up cancelling the Inbox in favor of the GBOX. Just wanted the dual cells more than DNA. For now anyway!


I’m still waiting for my Gbox to ship from 3fvape, so hopefully in a month I’ll be able to comment on how well it does in TC. I do have the Inbox and it’s a great mod but if you want to vape at higher watts then the Gbox might better suit you. Just keep in mind that it’s probably not going to be a pocket friendly mod…


No worries on pocket-friendliness. I used to use an RX300 with a 30mm atty.

One reason for the cancellation was I didn’t want to wait for China. Spent maybe a couple bucks more to get it here by Saturday via eBay.

I plan to use it in TC from the start. I know DNA would have probably been a better TC performer, but the dual cells was just too much to ignore. And I didn’t want to wait that long after all.