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USA United Squonkers of America


Awesome! Let us know how you like it when you get it!


@Wings4Life @TW12
Ok I just got my G-Box set up yesterday
I’m running dual SS fused claptons at .1 ohm on the Radar RDA in SS mode 80w 460f
I like this Mod I have 3 Dripbox 160’s and I have to say I like the G-Box better
Battery life is great I’m on my 2nd day ( 99 puff’s ) and the batteries are not at half yet :smiley:

AND the the Dripbox bottles DO fit


Check out this Bad review on the Capo

I almost ordered one till I saw this


Nice! I have a brand new pair of VTC6s and another new pair of 30Qs patiently waiting for my Gbox to arrive. I’ve had the pearl/chrome one on preorder since mid November and the ship date keeps getting pushed back :roll_eyes:


I’ve really been missing RDA’s lately so here I go. Thanks for the info. I got a wine red one like that and a pearl chrome (I have to buy two, one for me one for the wifey). Not sure which color I will choose, as if I actually have that choice.


Lmao! I wonder how he really feels?


Update 215 puff’s and batteries are still going in my G-box



I hate that stupid *&(^&$ rabbit. But I like your report…


Nice! What batteries are you using in your setup?


Samsung 25R’s


I’m really looking forward to the GBOX arriving. I’m more excited about this than anything in recent memory. Viva la Squonking! (I hope).


I think you will enjoy this mod :smiley:
The batteries lasted for 246 puff’s at a .1 ohm dual coil build
I like the chip/board in this. In Tc SS mode 80w at 450f to 460f is a nice vape


I’m going to do a .45 parallel build for this I think. Mostly to save juice and battery life. I’m all twitchy now waiting.


Ya I put a low build in it on purpose just to see how it would handle it and I have to say I’m Impressed


I ordered one waiting for it to come in


Do you like it better than the Kbox?


What’s the TCR for SS316l in GBOX language? Seems the standard out of the box one, and any other I try really, results in NO LIQUID messages… Don’t tell me I have to RTFM.

*Meh, never mind. Had to remove the atty and re-attach so it recognized a new coil. All good. Works awesome!!

But still why is the preset SS316l 105? I thought it was .00092…


OK, first impressions… squonking is AWESOME!


Glad you like it! STILL waiting for mine to ship from 3fvape even though it has shown in stock for the last couple of days on the site. You might want to consider one of these which allows you to fill the squonk bottle from the 510 instead of popping open the bottom and dealing with the batteries when you want to refill the bottle. I believe Geekvape sells their own version too.


The Radar RDA is blocking the hole so I’d have to remove it to fill through the BF pin, but that IS more convenient than removing the batteries to fill the bottle.

Oh, why did I wait so long to squonk?!? I left RDA’s a couple years ago for the convenience of not having to drip all the time, and I had forgotten how great the flavor of an RDA is. Man, there’s nothing better. I’m firmly in the Squonk Corner for sure now.