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USA United Squonkers of America


Yes you have to remove the RDA in order to use it, but I bought one specifically for the Gbox due to the battery/bottle setup in it.

And yup, once you squonk, you never go back :grinning:


I’m only about 150 ‘puffs’ in, and already that is 100% true. Man it’s good. Like discovering vaping all over again.


That is correct and not correct it will depend on the ss



Hey Bro Check this one out :smiley:


wow what a combo! nice score!


I don’t have the Kbox but I have the Dripbox 2 and Dripbox 160’s
And I have to say I like the G box better


2 pics of the same mod


I know lol…I meant the color combo of the acrylic and wood :+1:


Yeah I can’t believe how light this mod is and how it feels in the hand


Absolutely. extremely comfortable.


Welcome to the Squonk Gang


Question… I haven’t seen a TC mod that was calibrated for SS304 except for the GBOX. Is there logic to why they chose to calibrate 304 instead of the seemingly more commonly used 316L? No complaints here, just an opportunity for education. I just set manual for 092 and everything’s fine now. Just curious.


I think .00105 is pretty much just a catch all.


If anyone is looking for a very good 20700 mech squonker that’s incredibly cheap, I can highly recommend the Hugo Vapor Squeezer.
I received one today, it puts the Pulse BF to shame, hits like a hammer.
To be honest, it hits as hard as my Signature Tips SQ, which until now is the hardest hitting mech squonker around.
It’s very comfortable to hold and fire and has a locking button too.
For $25 you can’t go wrong!


Have one sitting in my cart at FT. Just trying to decide on an RDA to go along with the order. Tossing around a Haku, Supersonic or an Entheon. Any suggestions?


Not if it’s a single coil RDA that you’re after, I only use dual coils.
The Drop RDA is great if you want a dual coil RDA.


Thanks for the suggestion. Every time I’ve gone to order a Drop it seems like it goes OOS. Settled for a Bonza instead which has similar airflow. Yep was looking at a new flavor chasing single coil. Decided to go with the Supersonic.


I just wish they would have put a Hex squonk pin in the Drop RDA
And NOT the Slot squonk pin :confused:


My Drop RDA has a Phillips squonk pin not slotted. I really like it. I also have the Bonza which is equally as good except the sqounk pin lays flush with the deck bottom and with the very generous well depth it would have been nice to be a bit taller to retain some juice.


So y’all think the Drop, Bonzai have flavor compared to Wasp, BK or Entheon? I picked up a B2K, it’s a tad airy but a great squonk atty. been using routinely. Between that and the entheon, my go tos but have been considering a Drop. I have many RDA I don’t really use, hate to buy another for the shelf. And REALLY need a dual battery squonk mod. Got busy time coming up, don’t need to carry a ton of batteries around. G-Box? Think I’ll try it! Unless there is another around…