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My toys for the moment.


Nice! You might get a little more battery life out of the Therion with a Pulse 22 and a few more ohms. Regardless the GBox is a solid device. The Iconic is a flavor monster but it too is a bit airy.


I like the GBOX a lot. It is my first and only squonker so I can’t make any comparisons, though. I can say from a mod standpoint that it is rather simple. No frills, no flashy look. Chipset is also modest (very little to adjust and customize, anyway) but it does work fine so far for me.


Another vote here for the Pulse 22. I have 1 entheon, 1 entheon clone, 1 wasp, and 3 Pulse 22. I just love the Pulse 22! I have been using the Kanger Dripbox 160. I got a great deal on them and ordered 5 of them.


My GBOX just died. Swapped out some exhausted cells, and when I swapped in new ones, nothing. Will not power up.

Cells are in correctly. Tried several different pairs. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at all; just a regular swap. It just won’t power up. Anyone seen this before? Ideas?


Wow that sucks! Yours is the first one I’ve heard of kicking it. Where did you order it from as you may be able to do an RMA? Mine is still in transit although it’s now about 10 miles away from me and now swapping local post offices where my packages usually never go through.


eBay. Have to pay return shipping. I’ll try it again later; maybe it’s just having a bad day.


Ugh…well you could always try GeekVape CS service@geekvapeusa.com


Thanks, will do. Failing that, I do like to tinker so rather than paying for a return, I may piddle around with it and see it there’s a loose something. But I have to say, 1.5 weeks of operation to failure is not making me too happy.


I found the the nut on the 510 loosened on mine and caused it to wobble around. removing the 4 screws on the squonk bottle cover allows access to tighten it up. Not something I should have to do but was an easy fix. I’ve had mine a little over a month and I really cant complain I have to tighten the one in my Whiterose now and again.


Sounds to me as if the batt connection springs on the top still need “exercise” and are stiff. Perhaps the last set of batts u had in there were a diff brand and taller and the connection stuck up, get in there w/ a screwdriver and loosen the spring up a bit. Gl to u!


Thanks for the replies. I’ll look into everything is Geekvape support doesn’t want to help.

For reference, I only use LGHG2’s and have rotated many pairs in and out over the last week and a half, including these. While I doubt form factor of the cells is an issue, I have no evidence that points to anything right now, so it is what it is.


Well, I guess I’m not one to wait. Figured out the problem, although it isn’t remedied yet.

The battery connectors to the red and black wires are soldered to cups containing springs that connect to the cells. When removing the circuit board to inspect it, I found that the red wire has snapped off the cup. Cold solder. Poor QC there I’d say. I assume nothing else is wrong but I will report back when repairs have been completed.


Soldering the cup back on has fixed the issue. But now that I have repaired it, what are the odds of it being dangerous? Probably I’m paranoid, right?

Anyway, how it looked prior to re-soldering.



I’m glad you got it fixed :+1:


Thanks man, yeah it’s working great. Bummed about the suspect QC but an easy as pie fix at least. Viva la Squonking!!


is the GBOX comfortable to hold in you hand? Seems like a very large box. Saw a review on it and the guy said it’s a little awkward and heavy. Any thoughts?


Prior to the GBOX I was using a Tesla Punk 220 and an Iron Maiden RDTA, The Punk/IM setup feels like a boat anchor compared to the GBOX. To me it is very light. Also comfortable to hold; no issues. My (obviously) smaller wife also has no issue with the weight or comfort. It reminds me of a taller RX200 really.

The biggest complaint, well except for the bad solder, the only complaint, is that the up/down buttons happen to be directly in the path of where you’d place your fingers when squeezing the bottle to fill. I have to purposefully think about it before I squeeze or I will press the button and max out the wattage. Something to consider anyway. I am gradually getting accustomed to it though.


Got my Gbox in yesterday finally…I definitely like it more than the DB160 (TC actually works on this mod). As for the up down issue while trying to squonk, that can be remedied by locking the screen (pressing the + and - at the same time). For as big as the mod is (it is bigger than the DB160) it is very comfortable to hold and doesn’t feel like it weighs too much.