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USA United Squonkers of America


Of course, I’m lazy and don’t want to lock it every time I squeeze. So I’ll just adapt. I’m happy with it.


Actually, my ‘fix’ for the button/bottle dilemma is to turn the mod around so I squeeze with my fingers rather than my thumb. This puts my hand up much higher than the buttons as opposed to squeezing with my thumb. 6 in one, half dozen the other I suppose.


I might not be USA but also into the squonk thing :wink:
I received my custom build squonker last thursday.
Looks and works like a gem altough its a bit difficult to remove the battery.
3D printed with ALU pieces in the mix.


It’s been 3 weeks and I still have not received my KangerTech Drip Box 160 very anxious to try squonking the wait is killing me !


That’s awesome!! It’s so tiny! :sunglasses:


It is :slight_smile:
I am used to hold a dual battery mod and now this @ home, works like a gem !


Sorry @Wings4Life I misunderstood that. I thought doing that would lock the mod totally, but instead it locks the +/- only. This makes a HUGE difference in my opinion because I thought I’d have to lock and unlock the mod every time I did the ol’ squeeze, which isn’t true. Thanks for the tip!


Crap! Sorry about that! Should have mentioned that you could still fire the mod when locked! Glad it helps out!


Mike’s 2nd Hack

I also heard they were going to make a silicone bottle for this mod



GBOX 200 on sale at 8vape. Best price i’ve seen stateside.


Way cool I didn’t see that thread but now people can see the video


That is a good price


I just ordered the YFTK Sentinal RDA
it looks like a good one I like the top airflow :+1:


looks nice since u can use any chubby to switch mixes when u want, only concern would be the delrin threaded connection vs. geekvape’s which i heard was s.s


I love the FLASK you can use it with the 510 or as a drip bottle and the price has come down :smile:


i havent took the plunge yet but pay attention to the conversations of those who do. I heard the flask was nice but that came to me in email and thought have its place since u can use any gorilla and change out mixes easier if so desired. It would be a cheaper alternative then buying more of the geekvape ones, just thought id share.


Item Name Qty Price Total
Geek Vape Flask Liquid Dispenser 2 $18.99 $37.98



Plus at the time I had a code

code at the top of page ( TENOFF )


Thanks for sharing Mike’s video. I just gave my Gbox an upgrade. Thanks to @Nappen for doing the testing to see if the bottle would work. Now I didn’t even consider doing it Mike’s way, simply because I think continuously connecting and disconnecting that surgical tubing is just going to wear it out and start leaking. So I opted to do as Nappen did, and remove the ss tube and the little bracket completely, then install the new silicone bottle.

Looks awesome IMO. The refill with a 510 squonk filler is easy, but just in today…the Geek Vape Flask. It’s much easier. But either one does a fine job, so you can find the little Boston Round ones for around $5 while the best price I’ve found for the Flask is on eciggity…

Also replaced the one for the Drone

Pugsley's mean green flavour machine review of the Wismec-Jaybo Luxotic BF Kit

Way cool I have a tall Lost Vape bottle that came with my Lost Vape Refill bottle that would work perfect for going @Nappen’s way :smiley:

I just like to take out the bottle to clean it without having to take out the screws of the mod I feel that after several cleanings it might strip the threads on the mod but I’m going to try to use a old rod so I don’t have to cut the Gbox one :+1: