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Using pen springs as coils?


can’t get my hands on kanthal rn, so would pen springs be a good replacement?


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To answer your question, I would say no. From what I can find, most pens use a brass spring.


they are also made with typical (probably cheap) medium carbon steel (spring steel). stainless steel is used for coils but that contains chromium that makes it stainless. and even the stainless that is used in coils is high quality. spring steel will rust quickly if it’s heating repeatedly as if used in a coil. …ejuice feels oily. maybe that would slow it down? also cheap (who knows what) spring steel from who knows where, with who knows what regulations in manufacturing(considering its intended purpose there are probably no standards), is it worth the risk? …i wouldn’t. would it work? probably would work fine.
if you weld indoors you probably breathe a lot of shit too. is it healthy? doubt it. will it kill you in a week? doubt it.


oh come on…

I mean I’m a free thinkin kinda guy but…

This isn’t for real is it…im also very drunk…but still…surely not…


Just say NO to aftermarket springs !!!


i would probably have to be pretty drunk and dying for a vape pretty bad to consider using a pen spring. but for a puff or two in a pinch, theoretically sounds valid. …on the other hand, the manufacturers could have used some aluminum in the allow and you could die of aluminum oxide poisoning in a puff or two.


His and her’s?


What would everyone say if it is a


HEY the springs they use for clothes pins! Surely those would work, right? Kind of a heavy gauge, but that would just mean more resistance so it couldn’t be sub-ohm. Right? :laughing:
They look about the same as a coil.


woohoo nice name change!


go go gadget…ummmm…


Thanks bro, i use this on other vape related forums so it was about time i changed it here :thumbsup:


ahhhh… yeah why not right? :+1:


Saw it listed. Had to read.
NO… Just NO.


I agree. Ummm the simple answer is no. It would be like going to a party and meeting BIll Cosby and being offered an aspirin from a headache. All you can say is ahh hell no. Lol. Safety first.


Man, just go for it dude, and wick it with a tampon.


Must…resist urge…to repost…animated gif of… bill cosby…waggling a sparkling hotdog


With the right wicking material and enough power anything could work. Safe? Probably not.


pretty pretty (Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?)


you can’t get it from amazon?:astonished: