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Vape addict, can't quit buying


Spent a little this weekend. Been a year since I really bought anything mainstream and pleasantly surprised. Nothing new but new to me. I stick with Squape, Hurricanes, Kayfun but I wanted more, needed more plumage… So I looked at RDA’s and bought a Goon and a Recoil Rebel. Nice build decks and swooshy airflow. I really, really like them. Needed more power so got a sx mini g class. It’s second hand but traded even for a kayfun5. I think I got the better end! Also picked up a Kaos and a troll Rta. Love the Kaos, I suckered for the light!
I learned a lesson this weekend. Vaping has evolved. The lower price stuff isn’t that bad anymore. Pleasantly surprised. Now for a squonk. Maybe there should be a category for vape addict.


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Amen! I’m looking at it almost like a gambling addiction. I have way too much vape stuff. I can’t use it all and yet I still see things I want to buy. Got to get this under control. Crazy.


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Aren’t we all? I mean people who stick with their ego aio and 3£/10ml same flavor every time liquid won’t find their way here.


I call it G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)
My fellow guitar players will relate.


The more I talk about it, the more I find I’m not alone with this vape addiction. Buying new shiny is nice, twisting wire is fun, mixing juice can be a category of its own.
How are the premium juices out there? I haven’t bought premade juice since end of 2014. This brick and mortar I went to had walls with ROWS of it.
I guess I’m amazed because I usually buy online and I never look at the juice. Things have come a long way since the aeromiser days. (I know I spelled that wrong) I was tickled pink when the Subtank came out. Then The Crown and boom! Now it’s all mass produced in China.
Although I bought a Recoil, Goon…I’m still grabbing the squape to go out. What is everyone vapin these days?




That Troll is purty, ive got a couple of the V2 RDAs and love them muchly. I kinda lost the will to buy new stuff, it wore off a bit when i was buying tube mechs and cheap RDAs clones. And by lost the will i mean my wife said if i bought anymore that i could enjoying them in a refrigerator box in the back yard cuz thats where id be living.

I kinda feel bad that most of that stuff just sits now but it is kinda neat that i can see the evolution of vaping on my shelves.

I recently was given a Boreas by @fidalgo_vapes and love the thing, i ended up getting another in a trade and am using it on a Smoant Charon that i got last week. Absolutely love these two devices.

As far as new juice and just cant buy it. What happens if i fall in like with some new juice? I vape almost 250ml/week and generally only have two or three liquids in my rotation at a time. Could i just vape this liquid i lust after just once in awhile? Im not sure that i could so i just dont, hehe.

The last two store bought juices i tried were given to me at a vape shop in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan made by Aisle 7. One is called Flaked and the other is Nora’s Dream (fruit loops). Loved them both especially the Flaked. What happened next? I bought 60 or so dollars in flavorings trying to make something close, i failed. I havent even been to the local vape shop that got me off smokes and into DIY because i loved pretty much all of their liquids… Its been around two years since i popped in their.

Self control was never one of my strongest virtues.


I hear ya, trying a premium juice, liking it, then vapin DIY all the while lusting for the store bought. Made me laugh! Sounds like something I would do.
I have a Boreas. Had a very, very leaky boreas. Could not make it stop leaking. Good vape though. Even talked to Roxy about it. I wonder how the v2 will be.
Addiction— I will order one!


@Debbiej That minimum $200/month you aren’t spending on cancer sticks buys alotta Vape hardware and liquidware! BTW that is printed on the reverse side of the sign that reads:
“Rabbit Hole Thisaway! -->” :rabbit:


I too was endlessly buying all kinds of stuff and on occasion I still will try a tank or rda or something mainly because I feel the need for something new lol! As far as flavorings go I kinda put the halt on that because I have enough flavors to create endless combinations of juice! The only time I order flavors is when I realize I need more custard or sugar cookie or something like that! I feel your pain though wife was always yelling at me for my orders! The mail man too lol was a point when packages were coming on a daily basis!


'Vape addict, can’t quit buying"
In russian vape community it names ‘inner hamster’ :slight_smile:
A creature that continuously makes reserves

I am also subject to this phenomenon


I am looking at this exact same set up, love my squonkers, just started 6 months ago accumulating I guess would be the word different bottom feeder type mods. Thus far I’ve managed to pick up a 2 month old Lost Vape Therion DNA 75, a COV Wraith, not a bad little mod really, found it on line for like $30! My latest is an Armageddon Squonker with a Druga RDA NICE this is my first mech mod squonker, everything up to now has been a regulated mod. I do like the new Wotofo mech mod bottom feed like the one pictured, that is definitely one of my next purchases. As for my Armageddon I’m using it with my Pulse 24 RDA which is a really really nice RDA, a postless deck with a 24 mm deck. Comes with a 510 pin as well as the squonk pin they run $25-$30 Vandy Vape and Tony B who has the Vapor Trail Youtube channel got together and made the 24 mm and a 22 mm RDA both have been knock outs even as a regular RDA.
Vandy Vape is also coming out with a mech squonker that takes the 20700/18650 battery either one has the adapter for the 18650. Have that on pre order, I think that is…nope my new Aegis regulated 26650/18650 mod should be here today finally have been waiting week or more for it now. Guess I shoulda had it sent priority lol. The new juices on the market are fantastic! I do a lot of my own but now & then I like to sample what is out there. I usually get my juices on line or at my local shop where I am very good friends with the owner, as a 100% disabled vet he gives me 10% off everything. His dad is a Vietnam vet I was in Dessert Storm so we an talk the same language. There are some really fantastic juices out on the market now, as my buddy only sells premium juices at reasonable rates most 60 ml bottles are $26 some are $25 which for a premium juice ain’t bad. That said, I still do a lot of my own miing, there are a couple though that I haven;t been able to reproduce Buttermilk Pie is the big one, I get it close but just not quite the same. Squonkers though are now my passion with my mixes that are 95% VG and very little PG as I found I do have a sensitivity to PG. Something that came back to bite me shortly after the hurricane, rolled through our area a couple 3 weeks ago. I lost most of what little juice I had to the heat and the lack of power most of my juices just lost their viscosity, they tasted like shit. Figured I could go ahead and just vape what little VG I had not the best but it would do. Or I could go down the road and see if my buddy had opened his shop up again…he did, never lost power, sucks cause we were without for a week! I went and bought a 60 ml bottle of juice in 3 mg brought it home and had enough VG to turn that 60 ml into 300 ml. I try and use no nicotine my friend didn’t have the juice I wanted in 0 so I bought 3 and used my VG to dilute it. The nice thing about using VG is that I don’t loose the flavor yet I was able to stretch out my juice until payday, only that didn’t happen either and had to go back & but more. I have enough left until I can order what I need to start mixing again. Only bad thin about Florida if we get a hurricane or tropical storm and we loose power for 3 or more days and its 100 degrees outside and is 85-90 degrees inside, even with a generator we can only have a couple things plugged in the fridge and the freezer, which is good only we didn’t have a generator this time my old generator died and it was just a couple days prior to Hurricane Matthew rolled over Florida and created the havoc that it did. Any way sorry if I rambled being a disabled vet and having these damn mini strokes now is frustrating so at times I may not make any sense sorry for that. I am tired it has been a long day most of which I was gone. Until next time mix on vape on!


I recently saw one of those emergency radio/flashlight/usb charger thingies that you can hand crank the little internal generator and charge your phone etc in an emergency (Vape mod!) Not sure how many hours you can crank one of those things but I have to guess a Vaper would be motivated to find out. Now of course there are more serious and life sustaining electrical requirements (food and water!), but seriously if we are going to be prepared for Winter storms and hurricanes, don’t we need a little solar charging deal for our phones and vaporizers? How about a vape mod wrapped in a solar film that charges itself? It could happen…


Another shiny, new thing. It’s a wasp nano for my squonk. Loving it!