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Vape addict, can't quit buying


Nice! I’m a single coil lover! I’ve been eyeing that rda as well! I just got the Aethon and vandy vape both I’ve really been enjoying a lot!


I’ve been eyeing the Aethon too. That’s by psyclone vape right? It’s like a Hadley but bigger? Then the Flave… what I’m saying, I can’t stop! Fun though😜


It’s really not much bigger than the hadlay. It’s a bit taller which helps it from leaking like the hadlay.


More vape mail today. Last for a bit, at least with hardware. Gotta DJV RDTA. Dejavu… ordered from Heavens Gifts. I didn’t know they were in Singapore? I’d almost forgot about it. Great tank! My first RDTA


Made sense, it wasn’t rambling. Hurricane was devastating in places. I know your electric out, hope you didn’t lose anything else.
I wish I could order another mod or two. I’ve gotten the “Ram” squonker. I do love squonking but the button on that mod is so freaking stiff. There are a couple mech mods I would like too. The Purge twisted is one of um. Then I’d like a big, I mean big RTA like the modfather or one that holds like 20ml of juice. Be cool to have it next to my chair in living room. Lol
Buttermilk Pie! Wow, that sounds like something that would be good! Wonder if they have a recipe on here for that? I’ll look it up. Where do you get it, when you buy? Maybe I could order.
On to look up recipes… Vape On!


Buttermilk pie by primitive? That stuff is really good I was working on a clone of it. Here is what I started out with and it was really good. Not 100% spot on but would love to hear your feedback on it. Maybe we could work together on this a little? I’d say its at least 90% there.

Buttermilk Pie 1

Ingredient %
Butter (TPA) 0.80
Cinnamon Roll (FW) 1.60
Graham Cracker v1 (CAP) 0.60
New York Cheesecake (CAP) 1.00
Pie Crust (TPA) 1.00
Sugar Cookie (CAP) 0.60
Sweet Cream (TPA) 0.80
Whipped Cream (FW) 0.80

Flavor total: 7.2%

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I looked and looked but have no pie crust. I know I had it. I’ll order some. Definitely will mix this week. If I had an idea of what original tasted like it would be easier. Have everything but pie crust…damned pie crust. Tempted to mix without.


@Debbiej…that last pic is cool! Looks like you timed it perfectly right as the wicks were poppin’!


I have seen this little RDA at several site am curious you say it is great as a squonker? Which squonk mod are you using? I have a couple both regulated and mech mod lately whenever I use my dual coil I gotta ramp up my wattage even with a .2 or a .3 ohm build, minimum is 55-60 watts, max…whatever I feel like at the time with the mech its not so bad I get get a dual coil build and it works well. Even as I suck on my Armageddon with a Pulse 24 with a .25 ohm build. Downside, battery life suffres, my Pulse 22 which is a single coil RDA is much much better on my Armageddon over my Lost Vape Therion. Gonna have ta check this out a bit closer, just might have to invest in one especially if its a single coil RDA.


Battery life suffers too much with a dual coil build on a single battery mod whether it’s a Mech or regulated. I’m using a regulated right now. I do have both. I have the Therion 75 BF. My latest acquisition, along with the Entheon. Love the Entheon RDA! Need to try a RDA that has a smaller chamber. Keeps heat, better battery life. Like the Hadley, Entheon, wasp, soul, etc… I’m trying to get a comet now. Good luck on quest for perfect vape!

Debbie Combs


I recently bought the Entheon as well. I honestly like the vandy vape pulse 22 better. I just bought another pulse and saved myself $50 by not buying another Entheon! Lol! Check out the pulse 22 if you like single coil builds, which are my favorite!


I’ll second the motion per @juice_junkie_lover for the Pulse 22. As per your requisite the Pulse 22 is a small chamber unit and as per JJL it is a performing single coil that you can get enough wire into to get some resistance. Hence your second request, better battery life. I have two also and really enjoy them.


I know, however I have a thing about only putting 1 coil in a dual coil RDA. Not that I haven’t done it mind you, I have…3 squonkers The Therion which I like, my Armageddon, and my COV Wraith. The Wraith while inexpensive isn’t a bad mod really. I have 3 other squonkers on order, the Stentorian RAM, the Pulse from Vandy Vape and I have an Aldin mod, the Zora S. That last one isn’t that well known this side of the pond, this man lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, makes them in his spare time, all hand made…from wood, depends he may have some exotic woods or some stab wood, depends on how much you want to pay. These start out at $150 US and go up. This person does some really nice work, I splurged, he just had finished up one # 92 if I had my photos downloaded to my new laptop I would post one.
By the way; what resistance do you vape at? I generally like to vape around .25 that is my sweet spot, I can go down to .15-.2 ohms. With my squonkers I generally have to have it at a .3-.4 ohms with my Armageddon its a mech so it doesn’t matter. With my Therion and Wraith I like around 54-58 watts higher or lower depending on the build. For RDA’s I have the Pulse 22 & 24 and whatever came with the Wraith, the latest is my Druga nice single or dual coil atty. Have a fantastic day and remember Keep Calm and VAPE ON!


I am vaping the Entheon around 40 watts on Therion. I like resistance around .2-.4 when using a mech, but on regulated I don’t much look at resistance. Just wanna fill the atty with build.
My new buy this paycheck is some ni80 alien coils. Looking forward to see how they work in a mech. I’ve heard good stuff. Less ramp up time and cools faster. All good. I use twisted wire, hive right now.
Also have a new Armeggedon squonk on the way! I’m hoping it hits harder then the Ram Stentorian. I like the ram, but it’s sketchy on the button. Hard throw, sometimes it seems to stop hitting or maybe my thumb gets tired. Either way it’s annoying.
Definetly will try the Pulse 22. I cant believe some like more than Entheon.
Happy vapin! Remember it’s a hobby, not a habit!


I checked out the Entheon…wow, it is pricey isn’t it? I’m hitting my Therion at 52.8 watts with a .34 ohm build, I am comfortable with builds as low as.15 I don’t usually like to go that low but maybe I need to to get the most out of either a single or dual coil build. I have heard some good things about ni80 for building coils, I actually have about 5’ of it in a pack of wire I bought a while ago, still have not tried building a coil with it. Keep telling myself to do it, just don’t for some reason, I’ll get to it sooner or later.
I have a RAM on the way, I have been eyeing them for some time, and what you said about the button on the RAM being wonky I have heard on some reviews, then again I hear some reviews give it high marks for its functionality. An Armageddon eh…they are nice I have one they are built just down the road about an hour from me keep meaning to go down and see their operation. I am having the same problem with my Armageddon that you are having with the RAM, the fire button seems kinda wonky at times, then others no problem at all. Another reason to go & see those who make these incredibly small, incredibly powerful and sweet mods, maybe the 510 is not seated properly I’m not sure. The 1 and only thing I don’t like about the Armageddon is the 510 is not a spring loaded 510, you have to manually adjust it. I bought mine from a guy in Ca. I haven’t messed with the internals on it so maybe he did and the fire button isn’t hitting quite right. I might just look at it with my poor eyesight and shaky hands, don’t want to muck anything up but…
Finally got some of my photos back on to my new laptop, my old one quit on me a week ago, wouldn’t power up, it was getting power but wouldn’t turn on. That said I will see if I can’t dig out a photo of my Aldin Mod coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I need to get a couple of those refill bottles I see on some of the reviews, kinda sweet just screw into your 510 squeeze flip the mod & all upside down so it won’t all flow back into the bottle. Hope I got the photos of my Aldin Mod posted Might have goofed.


This is my new mod coming, should be here in a week 10 days…I hope. Coming from Bosnia and Herzegovina one never can tell. Still looking forward to my RAM, this one AND the new Pulse BF from Vandy Vape, have heard a lot of good things about that mod and it is very affordable around $40. Yes…it is a hobby, but he who has the most toys…has the most toys. not my brightest quote lol, but it will suffice.
Be well, stay safe, have a fantastic weekend, and…VAPE ON!


I’m a big fan of Ni80. The way I build, I like a lot of wraps. The more surface area, the more vapor, the more flavor. Why do a 7 wrap whatever gauge kanthal that puts me at .3 when I can do an 11 wrap whatever gauge Ni80 that puts me at .3.


Definitely gonna have to investigate Ni80 further. What size coils rather what is the inside diameter of your coils. Typically I build at 3-4 mm id. Just me but I like a big coil, mostly I build 3-3.5 but have done more than a few 4 mm coils. Thanks for the info like I said will definitely have to investigate further in depth. Weshall see what the future holds! Have a great weeekend!


Most of the time wrap 3 mm coils. In bigger rdas I’m usually at 4 mm.