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Vape addict, can't quit buying


Oh, and the Aldin, very nice mod.


Yep, I have 1 maybe 2 RDA’s for my old 26650 tube mod that was a POS from the start, found a Stilare and a Tobh, the Stilare is by far a much better RDA than the Tobh. I kinda figured you hadto be rolling coilsaround 3 mm don’t know why just did. Thank you for the compliment on the Aldin mod, am excited to get it in my hands and get one of my RDA’s on it maybe my gold Druga would look sharp, everything else is SS most of the squonk RDA’s that I can afford,(100% disabled vet pay doesn’t go very far) I get what I can afford. Though I did splurge on the Aldin mod they start at $150US. Depending on what kind of wood you want be it some exotic or stab wood the price of course will go up. That said I didn’t wannago wild so I had him set me up with the dark body and light caps & fire button. This will be, along with my Lost Vape Triade the most expensive mod I have ever purchased. Both around the buck fifty mark, for some its not so much, for me…geez it is a lot, $150 for a box that holds batteries! I tell my wife nothing, she has no interest in my hobby and I tell her I’m gonna buy this for so much and she’s like as long as you have it in your account doesn’t bother me. I love my wife, even after 36 years she is still the best. Have a great weekend I should be asleep I have work to do tomorrow…if I can move that is.


If I may make a small suggestion…

The Return key really is a wonderful little addition to even virtual keyboards (like phones, etc)! :wink:

Makes life much easier on a potential reader. :smile:


Point taken. No sleep it was around 2 am when I last posted. Forgive me I am way too tired for much of anything today.


ADHDDD TrIgGeReD~! :laughing::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:

…uhh what were we talkin’ 'bout? oh yeah Debbie stop buyin stuff! :wink:


not forgiveness …instead WELCOME to the 2 AM Gang! You should check out Discord (Chat link up top) where all the Owls pass out eventually


Seems as though I am already signed up for Discord,(had to use search link at top) Am not seeing any link though to Discord. Is it on the home page of this forum or on the main page of e-Liquid Calculator? Guess I will start exploration of this and the main page. Thank you.



Found it, setting it up now! Thank you fer tha invite!


DONE! Will have to explore a pit but this looks like an incredible…uh…shit cannot think of what I wanna say. Damn TIA’s,(mini strokes) have really taken a toll. Gotta get it together. Look for mrtimblin57 on Discord…that’s me. Still can’t think Discord from what I’ve seen its gonna be fun to explore and use.


Changed my name to what is listed here mrtimblin, figured this way no one would be like…WTF is that replace what with who never mind I’m not making any sense am I? Doesn’t make me a bad person, will turn Discord back on in a while just spoke with Joel? up in Alberta a nice a guy it seems. That said I guess I will check out the lobby later unless someone has any other suggestions please friend me or contact me…I guess still net sure on this. Know its similar to Skype but vastly different and seem like a whole hell of a lot better! See y’all later.


I bought buttermilk pie, and YES it is delicious! Can’t vape much PG —sensitive— so I must clone. Was looking at your recipe. I read that whipped cream and golden butter make buttermilk. Why the cinnamon in recipe? Had other questions but can’t veiw recipe in same window. Lol. Will try some now to see how this taste


I feel like I taste it in the juice. I also think that fw cinnamon roll has a very buttery kind of taste to it which adds to the buttermilk flavor.


I vaped cinnamon for a year straight. Kinda burned out on it. Gonna try without. Maybe a touch of cream Brulee? Upping the butter (caps golden butter and whipped cream) finally got pie crust. I think the ny cheesecake is spot on, definetly in original


This is what I came up with. Still doesn’t have the “in your throat” buttermilk taste as original. Could’ve done without sweetener but it’s good! I haven’t steeped and still vapin it!


Tell me about it. Last week I ordered the geekvape Zeus and the aspire speeder. Just now the ijoy cap squonker and a wasp nano. Al the concentrates will not be mentioned.


Had a couple Dead Rabbit RDAs, a Pulse 22 and a Wasp Nano come in last week. MFS has a sale going on the Geekvape Peerless RDA for $12…couldn’t pass it up because it has a squonk pin. Think I’m good on RDAs for a while unless the Drop RDA comes up for a good price during the Black Friday sales…this really never ends, does it???


No it doesn’t! Always coming out with something new

Debbie Combs


Me that too


Last time several new MTL devices appeared on the market: Siren V2, Cthulhu Hastur, Kayfun Prime, Berserker…
This is a new trend, and it puts us the new tasks. I WANT IT ALL! :grinning: