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Vape addict, can't quit buying


Oh man, yes please!! That’s so awesome. I need three or four of those for all my different bits of clutter. One for vape, one for yarn, one for school/art/craft supplies, one just for random stuff… :rofl:


It’s a DIY’ers dream come true. I’m guessing somewhere out there this is a result of repeated requests for “more shelfs” that someone had had enough of!


Obviously I don’t know exactly why you are feeling this but over the last year a lot of wonderful stuff has come out and I was able to snag my fair share of it. Right now I’m getting the sense of being satisfied. Nothing is hitting me as “oh wow, I want to try this”. It’s more like “Looks ok but I think I’m covered”. I’m finding I’m more intrigued in playing with what I have for the time being.


I think you said it perfectly smiling ogre. There is stuff, but not anything I NEED.
That scrapbox is incredible!


Addiction is strengthened…
Now this is my collection of MTL attys.

What more do you want? I say to myself.
And I know: I want next thing - Innokin Ares MTL RTA


I want all of them.