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Vape addict, can't quit buying


Oh man, yes please!! That’s so awesome. I need three or four of those for all my different bits of clutter. One for vape, one for yarn, one for school/art/craft supplies, one just for random stuff… :rofl:


It’s a DIY’ers dream come true. I’m guessing somewhere out there this is a result of repeated requests for “more shelfs” that someone had had enough of!


Obviously I don’t know exactly why you are feeling this but over the last year a lot of wonderful stuff has come out and I was able to snag my fair share of it. Right now I’m getting the sense of being satisfied. Nothing is hitting me as “oh wow, I want to try this”. It’s more like “Looks ok but I think I’m covered”. I’m finding I’m more intrigued in playing with what I have for the time being.


I think you said it perfectly smiling ogre. There is stuff, but not anything I NEED.
That scrapbox is incredible!


Addiction is strengthened…
Now this is my collection of MTL attys.

What more do you want? I say to myself.
And I know: I want next thing - Innokin Ares MTL RTA


I want all of them.


So I’m NOT the only one !


It’s nuts isn’t it? I think another thing that I have come to enjoy is having something “on order”. It hits me as akin to comfort food. A little something coming to play with. At least with atties it doesn’t break the bank. For awhile it was music/audio equipment. Performance amps, mixers, interfaces, recording software, mastering software, instruments, microphones… Oh Jesus! That was draining the bank in a hurry. Not $30 atties for sure. I guess everything has perspective. I’ve got in ear monitors that were about three grand but I also have hearing aids that were ten. Makes them sound pretty cheep, lol. When I order an atty and it’s less than a tank of gas, I don’t feel so bad.


I have the Haku Phenom, love that little single coil bugger! How do you like the Narda? I have heard both good & bad about them. I’ve also thought about getting the…Nixon? I think it is can’t remember off hand though. Bought a new squonker its the Venom Rick & Morty edition found it on Ebay, don’t buy a lot on Ebay, mostly coils, have a friend in Ohio who makes coils for you youtell him what you want if he cn he will make them up for you, he has quite the selection, from plain Kanthal, Nichrome, Nickle, SS, not sure about Titanium though, don’t vape it don’t hardly vape Ni200 much either anymore. Nichrome, SS, even Kanthal an alien or a staple fused claptons , just don’t like the Nickle or Titanium much I get just as much flavor from Nichrome or SS especially in a squonker.


Debbiej, I’ve got 5 of those Boreas tanks and I’ll tell you what I found out about them leaking, you know they come with 2 build decks, the same except that one has smaller juice holes that the other one. When I changed to the bigger hole deck was when I ran into more leaking, Since I have 5, I decided I would watch a few more reviews and have come to this conclusion, I use mostly 0.25 ID coils on (maybe 0.30 ID if I’m lucky) mine and when you trim your cotton, don’t be worried that you will starve the tank. Just make your wicks thick and when you stuff the cotton, make sure that you have more than what you would normally put in them, once I figured that out, I don’t have any problems, just when NOT vaping the Boreas, turn that juice control valve off so the deck area doesn’t fill up with juice.


I don’t have the Boreas 2, but seriously doubt if it’s even close to its daddy and you have so much more room for juice than the newer one. I won’t buy it for anything, especially after reading the post on being addicted to buying everything that comes out, that wasn’t such a bad problem when they weren’t producing a new tank, RDA, RTA, Mods and etc, but now a person can’t keep up with all that’s being out out now, like each week, LOL !!!