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Vape addict, can't quit buying


It finally got delivered. Yet again… Vape mail!


A Narda, Haku and soul s RDA. Lots drop tips, I hate 810 drip tips. Has anyone ever tried the “Bone Dragon” coils? Looked interesting


The Haku looks pretty interesting. Hope it turns out great. Nice haul by the way.


And let’s not forget the, “Oh I need some DX Brown Sugar” Head to Bull City…

“Oh well I might as well spend $75 for free shipping…”

But, compared to what I spent on cigs, I really don’t have an issue with it. I could drop $75 a week and not be any worse for it at $10 a pack for American Spirits…


I LOVE Buttermilk Pie one of my all time all time favorites, the same folks who make Buttermilk Pie have anew juice at least its new to me its called Skippermilk Pie, this juice has a touch of Peanut Butter in with it. If y’all like Buttermilk Pie you will probably enjoy the new Skippermilk Pie as well.

Geez, Here I am again, just got off a 3 day flu or something, sick as hell, temp at one point was 103.7 ran mostly around 100-101. Am feeling mostly human today though I’m not totally sure, however…it seems like every time I get on here I did not sleep the night before. Last night, this morning really guess it was around 1:30 started hearing thunder, then a bit louder, by 3 it was a full on thunder banging so loud you almost could hear someone talking it was loud. Now; whenever a storm comes into our area which is quite often certain times of the year. Be that as it may doesn’t matter, whenever a storm comes a knockin, my pain levels go up, hence me not being able to sleep last night. It iswhat it is, my son leaves in 20-30 minutes, thenits time for asoak in the hot tub a nap hopefully then its off to the pain management doctor.
Any way folks, try the Skippermilk Pie from


Cool thread… both in gear and in the Buttermilk Pie thing that now looks very good to me.

I’ve been using an Iron Maiden RDTA for a year now and love it. To me it’s best of both worlds; the deck at the top closer to the cap like an RDA, plus a large tank underneath. A lot of people don’t get on with a 30mm atty though, so most people avoid it. But I love it. Got the Tesla Punk 220w this week and loving it! Replaced my beloved iPV8 that I’d used for a year too. I do have G.A.S but it has relented lately as I’ve found gear I really like. Anyway…

Now to search for a BP clone I can make with what I have in the stash…


I’m with you. I run 30mm rdas just about everyday. The modfather and X1 are my daily drivers. I do fit in the Vgod pro drip 24mm some days. Love the flavor with the bottom airflow on that thing.


How did this turn out? Is it close to the OG?


Let me know what you come up with as far as buttermilk Clone… mine wasn’t close. Something missing…

Debbie Combs


It’s close but not close…

Debbie Combs



I’m proud of myself… I bought absolutely no vape gear or flavors on Black Friday or Cyber Monday but I’m loving my new 65" Samsung curved TV :slight_smile:


Is it me? Or has things slacked? No revolutionary vape gear in a couple months.

Debbie Combs




Huh. It works on my phone, it’s a link to a post on facebook. Huge expandable hobbie cabinet. Shouldn’t that work? Maybe it’s not allowed.


Is it from a closed group? I’m on FB and logged in, but no go.


Not a closed group. Someone shared it with my wife and I coppied the link… well let me tell ya, it’s magnificent! 3 feet wide and about 8 feet tall expands to 9 feet wide! Hundreds of little shelfs and drawers. Only $1,500.


Wow! Too rich for my blood, but that does sound pretty awesome.


Oh yeah, way to much $ for me too!

It’s cool though. Maybe this link. It’s down in a review below.