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Vape Mail 2017!


Thanks to @fidalgo_vapes, and @CallMeTut, finally picked up some PET bottles from


I like the Red caps! Are the bottles really stiff, or do they have some flex to them?


Those are GREAT RTAs. I bought one, vaped on it, then ordered three more the next morning.


Those appear to be more stiff (they are PET) I personally prefer the LDPE type bottles


@Pap They are PET so stiffer than LDPE. Some of my flavorings from manufacturers are in rather crappy bottles because they don’t seal right, making the mixing cave smell like 400 flavors !!! I got two loads of bottles, 20ml for flavors, and 30ml’s for sale. PET is stiffer, but it showcases the color of your juices better, and I believe doesn’t allow any permeation through the bottle. Did A/B comparison 30ml juice steeping comparisons between PET and LDPE and I preferred the PET. I still have a large stash of LDPE’s as well.


Are you saying that it seemed that the juice in the LDPE bottles darkened more (faster) than the ones held in the PET bottles that held the same recipe? That would be interesting info if that is correct (not that my juice sticks around very long), but if I was planning some long term steeping mixtures…



I can re-do the test, and take some pics. I know I’ve seen this done before, but maybe a fresh test would be good.


I was hoping you’d of said no not really… your hurting my thinking of LDPE bottles being good lol (not bad, but just as being ok) I was into believing their opaqueness was better for stopping light from getting to the juice inside as opposed to PET’s


@CallMeTut it’s not the end of the world with either of the two types. I had just been curious after seeing some of my mixes really get dark in LDPE, and did a comparison. The PET’s just seem to steep purer, with less permeation than LDPE. From what I’ve read PET is a much better barrier than LDPE. Aagain, I don’t think using either is wrong, and PET’s can be harder to squeeze. For flavors, that’s not an issue as many manufacturers already use them, but for mixes, including my fav. 70v/30p it can be a little more work. I’ve been using nothing but PET 30ml’s for all of my recent testers, and even with 70%VG and needle tips, can fill my tanks with no issues.


Shoot that over on this thread. :+1:


Yeah. Wrong thread. Just woke up.


Very nice @grubby, can you let us know if this one is worth it, been looking for this one at the store but decided to wait a bit and gather info from the pro’s :wink:


It’ll be Vape Mail 2018! thanks to the slow boat, but I took the plunge on squonking with the GBOX. YOLO, right? Ain’t like I’m gonna win that Whiterose deal anyway.


Not mail, but recent purchases. Dang I really need to quit buying stuff… but you know how it goes.


i know of someone that got a manta and the bubble glass came cracked, so u may want to take a look before u fill her up.


Thanks for the heads up.The bubble glass is fine and the manta is a really good flavor tank.


First impressions, it’s big…

The RBA unit is super easy to build on but when you unscrew the base it comes away from the RBA unit, which isn’t too bad but can be annoying.

Flavour is on point with the supplied wide bore drip tip, if you like dual, triple or sextuple builds that you can blast at 90w+ then this is an excellent choice.

I run mine with a single coil (adapter not supplied) with a 510 adapter and drip tip (from my griffin), flavour is somewhat subdued from the restricted 510 but I’m yet to try some other 510’s I have.

All in all a good looking tank with plenty of options. Definitely worth £11 imo


Thx for the info :wink:


The Joyetech Ekee has been a nice performing little backup for me. I think it’s better suited for an MTL type due to the dinky battery capacity… But the electronics are definitely rock solid, and I love the 2a charging!

I think you’re going to be pleased!


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