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Vape Mail 2017!


I’ve been a rather long time customer of theirs and bounce orders between them and a few other vendors, and they’ve never let me down. I dropped them a line, and made the case that they should come over here, sign up, get a presence going over here.


I suggested it as well.


Plus they sell Steam Craves !!!



My new mod will be in tomorrows mail. It has left fresno en route to Reedley and actually is probably already here in Reedely at the PO

What other stores do you guys use, that are stateside anyway. I want to order an Aries Procore but am having a hell of a time finding it for less than 40 bucks here in the states


I’ve got a Steam Crave Aromamizer free to the person that gets me a Joyetech Procore Aries Oh yeah it’s been used once



I wont ever buy there again. I got some coils there they sent the wrong ones. I called them on it and they told me I ordered wrong, but I had a screen print of my order sent them a copy they called me a liar basically so I told em to fuck off. Pardon mah language for any women in the room. Nope I don’t much care if they were paying me to take the thing I wouldn’'t get it from them


Well that’s not good. I’ve ordered from them before, BUT, the order was right, so I didn’t have any issues. Looks like slim pickins trying to keep it under $50.00 though. Not sure why more people aren’t carrying it…



I’d be happy with the motor, remix or aries, I’ve got the SE but I like the top fill.


Check out Vapecrawler…



this one is in the states.


Alliance V2. One of my first and favorite back then.


Well I got a package from @R113!
Some juice and wire he made!


Pube free rayon :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


He sent me two bags only one says pube free, should I worry!?


Pay the unmarked bag forward to someone else.


I think I got all of it out but if there is one in there, it should burn off. The single piece is an example of how the rayon should be when you spread it out. Just cut that one in half and thread through your coil.


You want it?


I’ve reached the maximum number or likes today. Pity becuase you guys are cracking me up.


Thanks, I will we are just having some fun with you bro!