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Vape Mail 2017!


Sugar high… hmmm interested in that one!!


So what do you think?? Did I do good with this combination? The goon on the captain? Vape mail!!!


Looks like a great combo.


Looks good to me :+1:


I had bought (maybe a month ago) a single 10ml because everyone was raving about it, BUT, after vaping it, I didn’t care for it much, so it’s gotta be the newer version. Now the (just received) ones do smell delicious, and side by side smelling they smell similar, but there is a difference. Vaping will tell for sure. My older bottle (new formulation) didn’t smell terrible, but vaping it, hmmmmmm, not so much.


Still a WIP, I took a lot of inspiration from the sugar rush recipe on here. But here it is…


Mmmmmm, now I like it even more than before !!!


It was I that gave you the tip and yes it’s authentic verified by @woftam so no worries my friend! My tester was graham clear and my bottle was like yours maybe 3-4 mls tops lol but still cool nonetheless! I’ve also mixed with mine already and it’s delicious!


Yup i bought some as well and have compared to new and orig and while it is a little darker than other orig I have it is original formula


lol I was joking with woftam about how maybe they mixed the two together lol! I know they didn’t but hmmm🤔 Lol oops meant to reply to @SessionDrummer lol thx @woftam


Hey Everybody, I’m so pleased to announce that Element Vape is taking such good care of me. AS previously stated My Es300 Exoskeleton went to a firey grave. When Element got it back they almost immediately sent out the Smoktech GX2/4 350 that I wanted. Now it’s just abou $10.00 more than the Wismec, but they insisted on upgrading me for free.
Such a wonderfully delightful surprise. I never expected that I would have never asked that but all I can say is WOW What a great place to shop


That is what good customer service looks like!


Yeah and them being in Rosemead Ca and me in Reedley I’ll be getting it tomorrow most likely. I’ll proudly post pics, fingers crossed that I won’t be having any flare ups if you get my drift. lmao I ordered two more batteries and while on that subject I got a question for one of you. I have two sets of three batteries that were for my burning mod (I am so lucky that I have a slight procrastination problem) I had not put my new batteries on the charger and was using a set that was about 5 months old. when it lit up. So on to the question:
which is a better way to introduce the fourth battery into an existing threesome one new one in each threesome or: Move one battery out of a threesome into the other threesome to make it a foursome than add two new ones and two old ones. God I hope I haven’t completely confused everybody. I sorta confused myself some I think


Well I wouldn’t put new with old, but you can move old to old, it has to do with capacity, every time you charge a battery you lose a small amount of capacity, so say after 100 charge cycles you lose 5 percent and after 500 you lose 25 percent capacity, these are not exact numbers they are just here to give you an idea of why you would not want to mix old and new, you will basically be shortening the life of the new batteries.


The batteries are less than a month old. I got them on about the 15th of last month


So probably less than 15 charge cycles on ether set, as long as they are the same brand and capacity then put them in a set and you should be good.:+1:


Yeah more like 6 to 9 charges. thanks


No problem bro, enjoy your new mod!


@GPC2012 @Cutlass92 I order from them all the time !!!


Well I really need to try them then!