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Vape Mail 2017!


Understood. Hard night at work. When I spread that rayon out, I did wash my hands before I went to the bathroom so you should be ok. I think.


Your not a red head are you?


Thank you for that!:grin:


Dark brown mixed with grey. The ass hair might be tougher to see woven through the rayon. Sorry if you find one or three.


:joy: your killing me bro!


The liquid should be anus juice free so. I need to worry about that.


If that’s something I need to worry about we need to have a talk!


Ita anus free. Promise


well if it’s in there, it’s just for added flavor right!


Well? Um, if it’s in there it means I washed my hands before I went to the bathroom then filled the bottle with anus fingers. Haha so sick convo. Hahaha sheesh


Well they say it happens.


Now how did you get me on video? That was the start of a really shitty day!


Is that vertibraid wire?!?


He called it chain link it’s 2 twisted pairs of 2 twisted pairs, at least that’s the way I understand it.


Hey @R113 can you explain this wire you sent me? @paingawd had a question about it and I don’t know if my explanation is correct.


You did a good job.

Chain coils consist of taking 4 pieces of wire. Twist a pair clockwise with a drill, twist another pair clockwise, take the now two twisted strands and place them in the drill chuck and wrap them counter clockwise.



I knew there was more to it than what I had said, just couldn’t remember off the top of my head. Thanks for the answer @TheTinMan1.


The cool part about them is that they absorb so much juice. It is really unreal to se how much juice they take in without wick in there.


i will try that when I get up, tomorrow, I have been going thru so many coils, trying different things finding what I like! Every day I change them out not because they need it but because I want to tru something else, find what I like best.