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Vape Mail 2017!


I will have some different strands to send you hopefully this week. Got some items for @Skullblade789 too. We have been working so much I haven’t had time to get stuff packed up and to the post office.


No worries bro, I am thankful for your kindness, it really is overwhelming, the heart of this community we have here!


I saw the coil stock by one of the guys here. This was 2x28 Kanthal twisted clockwise till it breaks. Do this again with another 2x28 kanthal.
Take the now two wires and twist counter clockwise Just to the point to where it begins to twist onto itself. Doesn’t take much. It’s not fancy at all, doesn’t take much time and the flavor is very good


Thanks for the specks on the wire!


Fused claptons are good too but this which was sent tastes just as good and doesn’t require so much detail labor and patience


Yeah I’m not to that point yet, but I will get there!


We all are constantly learning more of what we enjoy doing. Great thing about ELR is there is always many fine artisans who can help with anything you are stuck with and get you up in vape


I hope I get there one day, I really want to give back!


Best product I’ve tried this year is CoolWhic cotton, it’s organic cotton grown in SoCal and it’s head a shoulders above the rest imo!


Tell me more about it.


I just love Cool Whip especially frozen. Just playing with you. Sorry. Ahem…carry on




Well it sucks but I have to go into Fresno this morning, but when I get back I should have a VapeMail so I guess it’s worth it :smile:


I want to thank @therabidweasel for the recommendation of the Cigreen Gear RDA and the Lost Vape Delirium V2 bottom feeder. Just got them in this morning, built and vaping. Both of these kick major ass. The gear is quite large but has a juice well that is deeeeeeep. Here’s some photos. A couple are for size perspective to well known attys. Thanks TRW!


I’ve been mistakenly calling that Hive Wire. Cool! I’ve made this wire before, but my “links” weren’t that well defined. Maybe I went a little too far with the final twist? Just for giggles, what gauge wire did you use for that wire? Thanks for the breakdown!


Got my juggernaut, and alien wire from crazywire today, they also sent a freebie 35 thickness SS 316l, 10m, pretty sweet.

TC mode is pissing me off. Maybe my Smok G150 just isn’t very good at it, dunno. I’m getting my new mod in later today so I’ll see how that goes. Cause otherwise, I’m getting 0 vapour before it hits the temp limit no matter what settings I put in.

I have no idea how I’ll build a coil that actually fits in any of my atomizers with more than .2ohm on a single or .1 on a dual tho >.> I made about 6 failed coils before I stuck with what’s in the foto. (5/4 wrap) and running at .113 ohms.

Taste is actually not impressive, my kanthal coils beat it handily. I’m sure I’m just doing something wrong. Weekend coming on, I’ll play with the single and alien wire and see what happens there. I’m thinking maybe juggernaut wire, as cool as it looks, might just be a pain in the ass XD.


@David5362 Just sent me a 30ml of TFA Vanilla Custard and a 30ml of his Caramel Apple Toffee (which smells amazing btw), and to top it off he paid more and sent them priority, so they got here super fast! This was really awesome of him. :grinning:


Glad you got it ok, enjoy


@Cutlass92 My Smok GX 2/4 350 arrived today. This is a huge comfort after losing my exo to a fire. I guess they’re just not built right. Anyway this thing is a beast on 2 batteries. I’m using LG 20 amp batteries. I’ll wait till the two others arrive to run it up to 4 batteries. I should get two plus days from the 4 battery set up.
All I can say is OMFG
She’s a pretty little thing on two batteries but don’t let that fool you she kicks ass
WIN_20170810_10_35_03_ProWIN_20170810_10_35_04_ProWIN_20170810_10_35_14_ProWIN_20170810_10_35_04_Pro (2)


I’m glad you like it! She is a sexy thing isn’t she!