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Vape Mail 2017!


They are Aegir a Norse God for the main body and Ran his goddess for the extra battery pack.
They are stout sturdy and each weighs more empty than any of my other mods do with batteries in them the closest one is my xcube


I’ll tell you though if you need a spare and they still have them that IPV 400 for $31.95 is a friggin steal considering it’s got The IPV 400 is integrated with a firmware upgradeable high-performance YiHi SX330-F4 chipset, featuring output range up to 200 Watts, minimum atomizer resistance of 0.05ohm, and dynamic temperature control regulation


Wow that’s a hell of a deal!


Yay, they’re here. This should help my shortage of power issues. :grin:


Got my Paranormal today to match up my Therion😎



That’s a great charger!!


I read what u and many others had to say about it before I decided to pull the trigger on it. I love the features it has


So the idea with this aquarium is you fill the tank once and it’s empty when the coil needs to be replaced?


Very Nice.


You might want to glue a lead plate to the bottom of your mod to offset the weight looks like it’d top heavy. I’m way too much of a klutz to chance it. I’d bump it about the third day and be swearing for a week or two. lmao


Haha. Yeah the Therion with the Pharaoh on Top is a little Top heavy. But at the same time IT is so weight balanced in the hand. A realy Nice But ugly setup :joy:

" SEE now that the topheavy reply wasent 4 me. Sorry, new to this forum"


And yes… the Bread Pudding is VG based…


Like most of my RTAs I change the wick between 30-60ml of juice. The tank has several options with the bundle kit. You can use a 5ml, 10ml, or the huge 20ml.

The bundle has all the necessary glass and chimneys to set it up how you like.

With the 20ml set up there is a bit of loss of flavor but this is off set by only filling it every other day. The 5ml set up has the best flavor but more refilling. The 10ml set up has adequate flavor and I only have to fill it once a day as long as I have 2 mods in rotation. The 10ml is my go to set up.

To be honest 20ml is a rediculous amount of juice in an atty and it is almost as tall as my mod itself.

The thing I like about it the most is the flavor, ease of wicking and coiling. Unless I am doing a complete tank tear down to clean, I can just flip it over and take the coiling section out and wick it in a few minutes.


@TheTinMan1 I cheaped out and didn’t get the full kit. I’m aware of how lengthening the chimney impacts the flavor drop, but how would you say the big stack compares to say the 6ml Supreme ?


I wish I could answer but I don’t have the Supreme. @Woftam possibly has both tanks.


Damn, that’s just a BIG ass TANK on that MOFO !!! I feel like the 6ml is big.


Looks like it belongs on the end of a garden hose.


Na no supreme here either - but i love my fishbowls - the 20ml is and has always been attached to the WR pwm lipo (well ever since i joined the WR club). I have 2 others (both 10ml) one on a sx g class and one on an ipv6 that are used when travelling - such an awesome tank.


The shorty 5ml provides the best flavor. And they call it a RDTA so I think you can do it without the glass all together but I have never teied it that way.

I haven’t done the 5ml set up in a while but I may revisit it.

Come to think of it @Steampugs has the 5ml version and he may have the Supreme also.

I’m name dropping like a mofo tonight.