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Vape Mail 2017!



That is a big ass tank lmao


That’s no tank…


Bahaha! Too funny. :laughing:


Its a “P.E.N.I.S.” to be exact. :wink:


Ribbed for her pleasure!


TC mode actually works on this, I think the Smok G150 just isn’t very good at TC. That said, I don’t think I like TC, it’s a very, very cool vape, and the flavour is quite weak (albeit more ‘pure’ I think). Maybe I’m still doing it wrong but I think this might just be for a kind of vape I’m not really looking for. I’ll build once more with alien this time and see if I like that. Otherwise I guess I’ll just write off the SS and stick with Kanthal.

But, I LOVE the new mod. 50 bucks including 2 20700 batteries. It’s gorgeous, feels great in the hand, and I find I just prefer the larger, heftier form. Also the menus are quite simple to get to and thru, I much prefer it to the way the Smok works.



Right? :wink:


In my case, yes.

Some folks are running minis, others with girth are carrying 4 battery PWM mods in their pocket.


SMOK isn’t really known for their temp control capability, unfortunately. About the only mods other than my DNA devices that have had decent TC were the VTC Mini and the CoolFire4 TC100. I’ve tried SMOK’s but it just didn’t work well for me either.

If you like a really warm/hot vape, then TC isn’t the place to be. However, that doesn’t mean tossing out the stainless wire! That’s the great thing about stainless wire, it can be used in either TC or VW modes.


I tried genital puppetry once. The only figure I could competently perform was The Stubby Mushroom. As my pappy used to say, “If you can’t reach the bottom, bang the hell out of the sides!”


Meh, just not happy with TC: The alien SS coils kick ass in power mode tho.

Beaut. Also, I’m getting better at wrapping coils n…n

Vaping at 220w for the lols. The flavour suffers at that, 120w is great tho.

So yeah, SS is fine in wattage mode so I’ll keep the wires, but I do kinda hate temp control, it starts getting kinda okay at 600f, but even that is way, way too cool. If I had started with TC maybe that’d have been good, but I started with the Cloud Beast King at 150 watts XD I very much like hot vapes.

This mod is killer tho, and I think the TC is pretty good if yer into it, super consistent vape – I just don’t like TC. Plus, cool side benefit – there’s room to build with decks on this mod, the g150 gets int he way of the grub tool and I can’t be bothered to dig out the keys that came with the decks even tho they’re long enough to avoid that problem.


Lol! I had “Personal Electronic” in mind, but that’s better.


That is quote worthy. Truly a gem. And I can’t stop laughing.


You’re trying it right now aren’t you…
:mushroom: :flashlight:


That’s cool we all jump in whenever for the most part or well at least I do. :smile:


That’s what she …
I just couldn’t resist


All of a sudden the software is giving me grammer shit because I didn’t use a full sentence so ignore the words


My Daddy used to say
"If your woman isn’t built like cow you don’t need to be hung like a bull"


Ho Hum. There’s only one world famous WallyPop! Guaranteed to put a smile on your lips.