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Vape Mail 2017!



(Ignore my mandatory complete sentence.)


Hey mom what’s up in your neck of the woods today


Oh, not a whole lot of anything overly exciting. Just enjoying the summer while its here!


Wanna trade temperatures for the day, it’s almost winter here I think the high isn’t even 100 today


I think the high here today is supposed to be around 75. That’s something I can deal with. Hopefully its not too humid, all that moisture makes me


Well don’t be such a b er um I ment witch honest. :raising_hand_man:t4:


I can’t help it. Gotta be me, ya know? :wink:


We’re headed to Fresno to grocery shop, god I hate spending all that most of the stuff we get turns to shit after a while


No PingYP there, GPC!


YES MOM :wink:


Good boy. :+1: Remember to potty before you leave for the store. :rofl:


Where you parked i’ll leave you a gift inside. lmaounicornpoo
That one hurt if you get my point. :wink:


Morning @Jayrell what’s up


Lololol (we need our emojis back!!)


Trying to avoid work lol


…And now I’ve got Spinal Tap’s ‘Big Bottoms’ running thru my head. Talk about mud flaps? My girl’s got’em!


I’d say do what I did, but it wasn’t worth itaa1816_8ffbbaab43c5e37cc6f2f9cbeee1878erotator_cuff_tear0

Both bicep tendons torn I had a popeye arm, rotator cuff tear, and tears in the tricep muscle and tendons.
Just shit loads of fun.
Dec, 18 2008 was the last day I was ever allowed to work. Good old workers comp didn’t actually allow me to have surger until September 05 2009. Great huh.


Ouch! Sorry to hear that brother… I don’t think I need to go to that extent lol plus I sit infringe of a computer all day my boss would still expect me to show up with those injuries lol


Your Dr. wouldn’t allow it the shoulder is so easily re-injured once it was fixed you’d get to stay home a while. If you were getting up there in years a little they’d try to retire you


Enjoy the traffic.