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Vape Mail 2017!


Its a poopicorn. I love that.


I know all too well how that song goes. Sorry you’re in the same boat.


sucks like a dyson doesn’t it


I’ve been living this gawd-awful nightmare for over 10 years now. It sucks. It mightily sucks.


Thanks @SessionDrummer for my “get well” package that arrived today!!! I was quite surprised and am very stoked to try these awesome smelling juices!!! I may even share some with @Cutlass92😉

*actual cat was not included :joy:


That looks like one very happy little boy. I can hear the pur from here.


Happy juice makes happy cats.


This kitty has been through hell and back and is the friendliest, purry-est, coolest cat EVER!!!


Thank you again!!! I’m finally coming out of the narcotics haze and am improving quickly! I dare say that @Cutlass92 is impressed.

Aslan was more than happy to pose with the juice. :blush:


I hope you guys like them, and quick recovery !!!


Just got my restock order from Nicotine River including 2 new ones: TFA Philippine Mango and TFA Sweet Tea, both of which smell awesome.

Also got this but probably won’t play with it until later


hey bud i will hold onto that for you, untill your ready to try it out!


You sir, are a true friend! LOL


any time, any time. you just let me know when you need my help!


Finally get to try the black label…


Did it get to you with an all expense paid trip around the world?:joy:


Who told … ??


I have a good memory!


I keep having to tell @Cutlass92 he has to wait to try any of the new juices… he’s like a toddler! :joy: And he’s giving me puppy dog eyes…


But, please just a little bit!