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Vape Mail 2017!




Possession is 9/10th’s of the law !!!

I told him to make sure and shake, shake, shake them up, to try and speed them up a bit. The cheesecakes will be best after 3 weeks (but maybe not terrible @ 2 weeks), the others, I always wait a week, but you never know…


Shake, shake… IMG_3171


Don’t tell her that! She already wants everything, it’s all I can do to get her to let me look at it!


LOL I’m sorry brother …


If I let you “try” it, you’ll just suck it down like water!!!



Let me know what ya think about the Black Label FV. I mixed single testers at both 1% and 2% (as a suggestion from another). I can still just barely taste anything from it. Might need to push it up to 3-5%… it might just be me though. I did add it to a combination I have of the Bread Pudding (I use 11.50% VG based RF Bread Pudding and 2% Cream Stone) that I found to be fairly strong in flavor, so I mixed my 2% Black Label and this Bread Pudding at a 50/50 and it seemed to tone down the Bread Pudding nicely.


It’s alright, I’m used to her picking on me, you just gave her a little more ammunition!


Woo Hoo The new Chalice 4 clone from 3fvapes

Review will be on USA United Squonkers of America Thread


Not sure if this is vape mail. I did receive by email and it is one of the most exciting things I have received.

The wizard @Norseman could not give me a heart. But he gave me something better. Check this out!!!



That’s really cool! And it looks better than your old pic!


Well, got home from the Yes concert REALLY late. Stumbled through maybe a few hours of sleep, woke up, (older) and hungover LOL. Thank God for VAPEMAIL or I might not make it through the day. Very nice of @Silhouette to shoot me out some coilage along with some notes to keep me from igniting myself. Thanks very much !!!


Another “Love it” or “Hate it” mod…

Hard to believe. HCigar got the mod parameters right in the DNA. Vapes TC wonderfully right out of the box!

Is it perfect?

Of course not.

But here’s the kicker. Check out the fit in the hand! They made it for me!!!


@Walt3 At first ALL I could see was a mad pumpkin face when looking at it, but now, you actually have me considering it now !!! I will admit to having MORE than a few (looks great, kills the hand) mods in my pile. Very nice Sir.


I took a chance. The Lost Vape Triade is close to perfect in the hand. Real close. But the radius on the back of the battery cover is sharp. Just sharp enough to always be pressing into the fatty part of my hand between the thumb and index finger. With the large radius on the VT250 the fit is really amazing. I don’t necessarily get the imprint on the battery door either. Reviewers see a transformer or something. I see either an African mask or a war helmet from BC. What is with that? Goons, Trolls, Ammits; just have to have that “bad ass” or borderline vulgar persona to fit into the “vape culture”. I could do without that.


@Walt3 Thank you for your perspective on that. I think function/style often times take the lion’s share of reviews, but how it actually FEELS in the hand gets second billing. Glad you posted this.


Thank you! I have come to understand what is important to me. First function for sure. Then feel. If it doesn’t fit well in the hand it will sit on the shelf. Style and or appearance does matter to me but it takes third billing. I’ll pick up a butt ugly mod if it performs well and feels good.


That is an awesome logo! I’m jealous.
Great job @Norseman!


Very nice looking IMO. The first thought I had as the pic came up was Speed Racer for some reason. If it were red instead of blue, I probably would have thought of Ultraman. Too much Japanese TV influence as a kid I suppose…