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Vape Mail 2017!


I tried so hard to figure out a way to wrap them up so they wouldn’t get bent, I’m sure USPS doesn’t mind throwing stuff around so I hope my wrapping job held up. Hope you like em! :wink:


I’ve used a travel soap bar container to ship coils in. Works great and is cheap


No break in time at all, very pure flavor, thick clouds and holds up really well to high heat. And VERY white! It’s not bleached so idk how they got it to look so damn perfect…they have great photos shared on their IG page @coolwhic


Your packaging was great, and despite USPS’s best efforts, they arrived safe and sound, thank you very much.


Old prescription bottles work great, too!


Yet more huge thanks out to @Jayrell and Team SS. More SS to play with…


I hope you enjoy it my friend!


I will def. post back after I figure out how to use all this shiny stuff !!!


I won this from a VapingCheap.com contest.

I had a stainless one but it got stolen a few months ago.


thank @juice_junkie_lover , at least 6 MF ive never tried and have wanted to thank you so much this was the best VM of 2017


That’s awesome!


it is very awesome , ive held off on getting some od these flaves bc i couldnt test them and now im able to decide on a lot of them


That is super cool!


Yup well. I now officially have enough goons in my life. After this shipment I now have 6. Lol.

That being said I was pleased with eightvape. I ordered Sunday. Shipped on Monday. Received today with the free shipping option. Las Vegas NV to Vancouver WA (10 mins from Portland OR)

Online order process. Just as fast as many other sites I’ve used.
Pricing across the board seemed competive or better than most.
Shipping. Time was a+ packaging b+. I think they could have added some padding considering cost of the order…but still acceptable.

Here are some pics. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bye bye…gooey tape and runny markers! I finally broke down and got me a label maker. Its so much easier to clean up! Only 11.99 on amazon


That’s the exact same kind that we use!!! :blush:


I got the inspiration from seeing yours :grin: Thanks for posting that. It works great! And its so much cleaner than what I was using with the marker and tape tags.


Awesome looking setup! I love the drip tip!


Can you please post a link to it on Amazon, the cheapest I can find on Amazon is $17.


Price went up to 13.51 since Aug 9 but its still reasonable.
DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld Label Maker for Office or Home (1749027) https://www.amazon.com/DYMO-LetraTag-LT-100H-Handheld-1749027/dp/B002Q9MCG8