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Vape Mail 2017!


Wow! 300 bones! That must be some kind of magic RDA. The clouds must hang in the air for hours and make lightening for that kind of scratch.


Woot woot something special.

Massive Thanks to @Steampugs for the mail forwarding service cheers mate I really appreciate it.


Anytime brother :wink:


Pffbbt. You can see clouds and a light show for free on a rainy day.

For that kind of money…there’d better be be a woman across the table, a chef walking away, and a dentist waiting for the “meal-like” flavor experience (including desert) to be concluded, so that he can perform a full cleaning!


Vape mail from one of our own! Thank you @Cutlass92 !!!
Interesting Watermelon vape in that Experiment 626…


Sorry that took so long to get to you, enjoy the coils and juice. Try the rayon


@CallMeTut I hope you like the juice! I made it during my marathon mixing session :wink:Unless you don’t like it, then it was all @Cutlass92!


The watermelon does have a bit of a “rine” taste (not saying it’s bad) what did you use to mix it up with?


After waiting all day for @Cutlass92 to get home to open this Vape Mail from @GPC2012!!!

Many thanks!!



Ya know I’ve had that Unicorn Vomit on my shelf for a long time… now I’ve finally had a taste of it… lol


@CallMeTut What’s it taste like ?


I feel like I’ve been violated… lol


Actually the juice is pretty nice… prior to knowing what was in it, I was thinking a candyish watermelon, I see now where the sweetness is coming from, the juice has a coying candy flavor most likely from the skittles flavoring (which I don’t have) but has a nice fruit flavor. I can’t pick out the unicorn vomit per say since I haven’t actually opened my bottle to see what it is actually like.


I got the 1000 ml for mixing 600 ml. The 500 ml is almost big enough, but no room for stirring.
Good price for the set!


Just consider yourself lucky and go with it! :joy:

And it IS labeled as an experiment… :wink:


That’s how they came up with LSD…


And heroin.


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Thanks to @ecigexpress and their $40 gift card giveaway I pulled the trigger on a bunch of flavours I had in my cart there (spent a little more than $40)

But if it wasn’t for the help from Gary and Patti ironing out the international purchase I wouldn’t have these in my hot little hand thanks a lot for the great customer service you are both a credit to your company.