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Vape Mail 2017!


Super huge thanks out to @R113 for sending out some sealing cap plugs, and 3 surprisingly great smelling juices. They will ALL be put to good use.

Also, a shoutout to @Cutlass92 and @Molly_Mcghee for sending out some MORE great smelling juice, and a mini setup for my wife to try, thanks very much.


There’s an extra something inside that box, too!





I know but I’m not telling!


LOL @worm1 THAT is EXACTLY what popped in my head. I didn’t know there were hidden treats before racing out to my local DMV, but I will indeed investigate that when I return…




Now go make your batteries sexy!


many welcomes


What do I have to do to get goodies sent to me too? Post my address? :wink:


One day free shipping, coming tomorrow.


Whatever you do, don’t let @Cutlass92 see this or he’ll order it! :joy:


thats pretty compared to my big clunky looking thing


Whats that thing do?


I like the compact size, have a perfect spot in my DIY supply cabinet for it.


I do flavor testing for a company, 20 flavors each testing. I mix 600 ml of PG/VG/NIC base to make twenty 30 ml bottles. Then just add the flavoring to each bottle. So I will use it to get a thorough mix on my base.


:confused: Do i light the box on fire or something?


It’s only gonna get worse!


I’ll bet it’ll stir the shit out of 3000ml of colored water :tornado:

Whoops… I meant to reply to @worm1’s Whats that thing do? post… duh :slight_smile:


I did talk with the company that sells this, they sell a lot of these to DIY ejuicers. But 3000ml of PG/VG might be a bit much.
I’ll report back on how well it does with 600 ml.