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Vape Mail 2017!


If it will do 3000 ml of water you will get about 250ml tops of 80vg (unless you warm water bath it first)


Boy! There’s some tasty nuggets!

Mmmmmm Mmmmmm!
White chocolate dipped Mandarin slices, placed ever so lovingly into cupcake batter…

/looks for a fork…


New wrap for the battered Alien :grin:


Very nice!


Some vape mail from the last 2 weeks


Send me one of these I’ll send you free goodies I could also use a scale while you’re at it. lmao :smile:


I’m finding that 15 or 20 is more than enough to do my testing dave.


DUDE it’s cupcake batter go for it with your hands you don’t need a fork


That’s fantastic!


If I vaped 30 of each to do my tests it would take me about 10 days to get through all 20 Holy shit I vape a lot


The Griffin… awesome tank imo, single or duel coil turn the airflow up or off… your choice… respect @Dan_the_Man very cool of you to send that :+1:


grubs whats up my friend ?? nice to see you around


Gotta love Cake Day Vape Mail!

Picked these up during the ECiggity Labor Day Sale, but didn’t get a chance to open the package until this weekend. I’d always been curious about the Gemini, and the Billow V2.5 is a “just because I love the damn things!” Besides, how could I pass up 15% off on an already reduced price for one of the best RTA’s I’ve had the pleasure to use.

Just wish it didn’t come dipped in nicotine…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The Gemini is a nice tank. Think you’ll really like it I bought four of them.


Wow pugs you are a hottie!


Wow! Thats nice @Lolly! I didn’t know they had wraps like that. I’ll have to check into that for mine


I sent an email to Olive Nation asking about the product name and if it can be vaped. I’ll let you know when they write back.


They do a great job of covering up the flaky/non-existent paintwork :laughing:


How long have you had the alien before you noticed"flaky/non-existent paintwork"
I have two and a baby alien for about a year and it just now started to have paint chips on watt button.


Well, I didn’t get this device in the mail per say assembled but I did get the last part in to finish building this Box Mod. This is a CNC panel box by FFM with an NLPWM board control and a Turnigy Lipo battery. This mod stays mostly at home in my shop/lab.




This thing will spoil you…