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Vape Mail 2017!


Slick, dude!


Not exactly vape mail, but picked up 2 of these for $10 each. Vape mail storage.



I think I first noticed it about six months in, bearing in mind it had daily use. Problem with me is once I started to notice bits flaking, I’d unconsciously find myself picking at it (I’m the same with nail varnish)…before I knew it, it was paintless :joy:


My IPV 3 is like that too. It looks awful! Lol but it works great! I think they just paint the mod instead of anodizing the metal. I took a jewelry making class in college last year and worked with metals. We colored the metal by anodizing it. That way the color would never chip off. They should color mods that way too.
I’d be interested in knowing how well the skin holds up :grin:


Vape mail for the hubby!


Nice one it is on my list to buy


@fidalgo_vapes I’ve been using that one for a bit now, and it’s nice and solid, fits well in the hand, and works well.


thank you for the info , that and the battlestar are on my list , im always late when it comes to new gear lol


Me too for the most part. Just received my IPV6X. Not too impressed but it was only 12.00 or so. Can’t really complain.


This is answer from Olive Nation
Hello Shelley,

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, we do not have any information on product usage beyond the scope of cooking and baking. Also, our extracts are available only under the OliveNation brand. We do not offer any items under a brand named KVM.

Kind regards,


I would like to know what you think of the watermelon oh and the sunset. thanks bro.


So how is the Mi One doing for your wifes quest?

I am on the same quest…I meant to say ML


Nice non-answer there Florence.
To me, that reads like what might have been an answer you could expect (brand protection) in the early days of say “Signature” (TFA) or “Craftsman” before the product ID codes were figured out…
I could be wrong though.

Bottom line I guess is, not important enough (used enough) to worry about their crap cluttering the database at the moment. It can always be adjusted in the future if necessary. lol

On a side note, it’ll be interesting to see if “the other identifier” (KVH/kvm/whatever it is) disappears from future labels. :laughing:

Thanks for trying Jazzy_girl! :thumbsup:


I made this with 1% fa fresh cream instead of the condensed milk, oh man its really close to those candies! I’m gonna vape it all before it even has a chance to steep properly!


thank you @ecigexpress

this smells ggreat will do SF test today


I’ll get mine tomorrow. Any thought on starting percents?


im gonna do a 3 , 4 and 5 pct SF test see which is best besides that i have no clue


I know its probably against some rule but I posted these in the Whiterose thread but me and rules sometime clash. Received these in the mail today @Whiterose0818 mods are absolutely the best there is.



One of best looking mods on market. #1 on my wishlist. Sexy with a black tank or rda on top.


What is KVM?