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Vape Mail 2017!


Good sir to assume that all good flavorings are accounted for is to take a very close minded stance. As far as crap cluttering up database well should we delete INW wild strawberry? TFA maraschino? FA pineapple? (maybe we should delete this one lol ) Fa condensed milk? 50% of flavor west? I think limiting yourself to the widely known brands very much limits your ability to create something special , new and exciting. Granted many brands have been relabelled/ rebottled in the past but the awareness of such happenings has led to many to assume anything they havent heard of or tried to be a mere rebottlibg. Watched wayne assume Zibelli were probably cap and he said the “animal cracker” was probably just Cap sugar cookie or cap graham cracker , I assure you it is not!
Now as i stated Olive nations line that is branded SC is lorann without question. But the original Olive nation extracts are NOT rebranded. While many of their offerings are in fact “crap” that is the case with ALL brands IMO. Yet there are some standout winners that achieve a flavor you will not get elsewhere
Pineapple ON (PG free) 5% is dandy
Blueberry ON (again PG free) adds authenticity to blueberry profile
Apricot ON outstanding! And far superior and stronger than Cap
French Vanilla ON again puts cap to shame
I could go on but your attitude leads me to believe my suggestions are not wanted or appreciated…


Far from it! But point taken nonetheless.

My referring to their “crap” was obviously not intended to be a judgement on “quality of product”.
Which I feel was fairly obvious. Obviously you disagree.

It was more to the frustration of trying to keep the database as clean and organized from the start (the moment a new flavor comes to the" collective conscious" of mixers who might then add variations under the sun. Which we then have to go in later to clean up!) The fact that the attempt at clarification was only met with (what’s currently assumed to be) “brand protection” is what led to my rather curt statement.

Regardless, you now have my intent in a clearer state. It was never a commentary or assessment on their product though. :wink:

For the record, This was never part of my suggestion.

I was referring to the crap such as:
Ina strawberry
Strawberry Ina
(inw) strawberry
Strawberry concentrate (Ina)
**Ad-friekin-nauseum! **


Far from it my friend!
Hopefully the misunderstanding has been cleared satisfactorily!

I remain a bit confused though on the following.

To me, when you say “Olive nations line that is branded SC is lorann without question” is that Olive Nations who’ve admitted such? Or proven by mass spec., or…simply curious.

Given it would be silly for me to assume that no one, other than “the major players” produce extracts, and that’s not what I’m getting at, but rather, I’m totally good with the possibility of them doing some things in house. However, is it not also OK to question the likelihood of relabeling occurring? Especially when given a logo (the kvm or whatever it is) is present on the product?


Cleared up, i misunderstood what you meant by “crap”. I got a little excited lol because i have seen this more and more with mixers (including Wayne walker:Zibelli=Cap) assuming new or unheard of flavors were rebottled. I just dont want everyone to end up being “pigeon holed” into researching known brands only…


Yes we should delete TFA maraschino - just my opinion lol


I have tested the SC line up against lorann and they are identical. Ie Cream Cheese icing. These SC offered at Olive nation are new as they used to only carry the Olive nation branded “extracts”. These SC have different labels as well

If we want to get into original manufacturers of (what shall we call it) the original essences? Like say mother murpheys and the like, I for one would not term companies using those “molecules” to facialiate the creation of new flavorings as rebottlers

By all means, dig deep, send emails, ask questions… I just find side by side testing will lead to more answers and an albeit subjective certainty


Also, FWIW, and I almost hate giving them an “out” (publicly, as they could take it and run with it…) but it also just hit me that the KVM or KvH in question could also be the (no joke intended) mixologist’s initials. :wink:

I know if I was owner/co-owner in such an endeavor, it’d almost be a point of pride (or feather in the cap, if you like) to see my initials on my creations! :grinning:

Again, just thinking of why those three little letters (logo) are on there…


Again, wasn’t trying/wanting to call you out!
Just curious, and typing what rolls through my recesses! :wink:


Theres a small logo on the front of the bottle with KVM letters. Not sure what it means. I


If it is, I’ve broken it too. :wink: I posted my WR mod in the WR thread and in the vapemail cuz they’re freakin awesome.

No, there’s no rule. Yet. Now, if you start spamming it in every thread I might need to create one… :stuck_out_tongue:


Who have you found use mother murphy? They are among some of my favorites!


An Ally 30mm on top of the latest member of the WhiteRose family.


Lol was just an example of a company whom other other companies might use as source.


Oh dang. I was getting excited.


Stentorian RAM BF Squonker MOD from @Heaven_Gifts with my contest gift card. She’s a little beauty. I topped her with a gold 24mm Apocalypse Mech Lyfe RDA .


Nice score


-Surprise vape mail from @Cutlass92 and @Molly_Mcghee, Apple Fritter and Butterscotch Cookie! Thanks so much you two!
-Jungle Flavors Strawberry Harvest from @ecigexpress, thanks for the sample!
-And the Wismec rx gen3 that I won from @Heaven_Gifts, thanks for the giveaway!

I feel like a won a vape lottery!


Got my Strawberry Harvest from @ecigexpress… smells amazing! And some Butterscotch Bourbon from @Molly_Mcghee. Thanks so much! :astonished:


Last week i got what i won from @AtouchMall, thank you AToucMmall.

And here is the potato pic from my crappy 21MP camera.

Coils for years… The Ampus got traded already, it isnt a bad RDA its just not the style i like. I like some of the coils but none of them specify what they are, just wire types and sizes.

I also got a Smoant Charon which isnt in the pic because i havent set the thing down long enough to take one.


Just to add a bit about the RDA. I look for RDAs with the deepest and largest juice well that i can find that i feel will have good flavor based on airflow position in relation to build area and the amount of airflow all around the coil. I entered this giveaway to try something different than i am used to, i was wonderful what RTA airflow would be like in a RDA. Well i loved the airflow but the flavor to laziness ratio wasnt quite there, i had to redrip every few pulls. I vaped it side by side with a Troll V2 with the same build and it was pretty much the same but the Troll has a swimming pool for a build deck and the wide bore DT on the Troll is quite a bit bigger, in diameter and length (heat). The DT for my 22mm Griffin fit in the Ampus.

I did like the thing though i would never appreciate it as much as another might so i traded it for another Boreas.


IKR?!! I can’t wait to mix with it. If it tastes as good in vape form as it does on my finger I’ll be sold.