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Vape Mail 2017!


NICE… Really nice !


@Plunderdrum I bought two of those, one the regular, and the 2nd the Project Sub Ohm version. Love them both, are clearly very well made, but I’m having an issue, and wonder if you are. I vape ONLY VW mode, no TC, setup for about 40-45 watts with maybe 0.3 ohm load. With increasing frequency I’m getting a “Temperature Lock” on the display, and the unit won’t fire. This happens after the mods just been sitting there idle for a while, and not chain vaping. You get that ?


I haven’t had that experience yet. That’s nutty. Have you checked around the evolve forums or faq? I just tried a little search and couldn’t find anything. Is there a chance that your escribe settings are whack?


I’m firing between 70 and 100wts, .25ohm dual twisted kanthal coils. No problems.


This week:

  • a bag of hemp for wicking (that’ll last me more than a year probably)
  • 2 sets of Samsung 30Q batteries that are about to get married in private
  • and the almighty Aimidi Tank T2

Last week I found a dead rabbit in the mailbox


Well in a interesting turn of events I got 2 yes 2 rx300’s in the mail today.



Nic Rivers came through today so I’m mixing up a mess of juice tonight whilst having a beer :sunglasses:


Cheers! :beers:


Also… Have you tried mixing with a scale? I looooove my scales!


I haven’t used scales since I was hustling lol I probably should get some though


:beer: cheers


Lmao :laughing:
They really make things so much easier. No washing out syringes between flavors, just grab your bottle with a dropper top and squeeze. Easy peasy.


Hells yea :+1:


Anyone else notice how the carpet matches the drapes?


:scream: Who did you piss off so badly that they would mail you a dead rabbit?

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Especially with everyone ordering one.


Why yes… yes it does thanks for noticing :sunglasses:


It’s obvious who won


@Cutlass92 The stash is looking good brother !!


@Awakenow2 B33r mixing for the win !!!