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Vape Mail 2017!


Hustle never goes outta style @Awakenow2.


Postman was good to me this morning


also at walmart for 29ish dollars ty for posting it reminds me i need to buy a new scale this month and thats the one i want


@mstokens VERY nice choice. I’m going to do a little write up, as I was having some issues with my DNA75C mods going into “temp protected” and I couldn’t find ANY info on it besides, “Duh, it’s overheated”, as well as some escribe issues.

I’ve learned a bit, and now that I’ve conquered it, it IS a winner.


@fidalgo_vapes I’ve abused mine regularly, and it just won’t let me down. I cal it with (2) 200G weights every other session, and it’s just about trouble free for me.


Oh! Temp protected is what you meant! You wrote temperature locked originally and I couldn’t find that one. Temperature Protected, I’m sure you’ve figured out, just means it’s operating it’s tc mode duties properly and you have reached your set maximum temp, and now it’s regulating the power to keep it there. I was worried about that, too. Unless i missed something? Any info you coukd add or correct would be awesome. I’m new to both tc and thus device, so huge learning curve here :slight_smile:


i had a good one but the plate came off it still works but its annoying


Got this today

Yes, it’s a clone, and yes it has the same instructions in it as @Mew ‘s does :rofl:


Do not use in a sexual nature ROTFLMAO i guess they were covering their asses


and not filling them


@Plunderdrum That’s what I thought !!! I did NOT have it in TC mode. Watts mode, and it still kept doing it. I came close to MODDING the MOD if you know what I mean. It was so bad, that I could pick it up after it was sitting for an hour, try to fire it and RIGHT back into temp. protect. Got tired of scrolling through all the settings to no avail. Downloaded eScribe and it wouldn’t find or connect to my device, WTF !!! ???

Yes, I was getting more than pissed. Finally, after MUCH research, was able to figure out that you apparently have to download a specific VERSION of eScribe ?? LOL, they really don’t make it that clear, and I spent a lot of time on the Evolv DNA forums search, search, searching for any firmware updates for my model, WTF the temp. protection error was, and there actually wasn’t a lot of information FOR me. ROAR. Turn up the mad switch a few notches on that one. I’m going to make a full MAD (not so mad anymore) post on the DNA75C issues I’d been having, the correct software, WHERE the freekin’ firmware actually IS, and how I think I fixed the issue. Maybe I can save someone else here.


Any/all poor translations not withstanding, kinda makes you wonder WHY they’d include that doesn’t it ?


Yeah, I’ve got a 75C also. Never had any problems with it but don’t really like the button placement on it. I’m more used to old skool DNA buttons :rofl:


Thasscrazy! I look forward to reading your full report! I’ve bumped into a few anomalies with mine, but I chalk it up to a novice using an advanced device for now. Slowly getting the hang of it. Thanks for explaining your issue.


Got this in the mail Friday morning but it being the start of Yom Kippur I wasnt able to unpack it and play till this evening.
Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus RDTA. wow best cloud and taste tank I have ever tried, and sits so nicely atop a WhiteRose.


Why not put it there just for giggles? I think it’s pretty cool :slight_smile:
If more companies would do stuff like that, maybe more people would read the usually boring warning labels.


My lil squonker




G’mar Hatima Tova i believe is how it is said


The definitely better half has been busy buying me stuff better hurry up and get a ring on her finger