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Vape Mail 2017!


Yes and may you be entered as well, thank you


So is it satisfying??? :wink:


Maybe :thinking: without the batteries in, but once you put the batteries in this thing and press the fire button … you could burn a house down.


Funny how you want things you really shouldn’t have. I hear the crickets got button issues too but I still want one. :thinking:


Took a little doin, Changed the SS TFR, internal resistance, and the theme. Ground off the ridge around the positive battery terminal on the mod. But what a vape!


Don’t misunderstand. I think it’s great, I just wasn’t expecting that much power all at once. Almost blew my Aromamizer right off the top. :rofl: (not really). But I do need thicker gauge wire for the build.


Awe, Don’t they make the cutest couple?


That’s a pretty fancy gum ball machine! :joy:
J/k nice set up!


Lol, Now that you said it, I see it. Needs a penny slot. I’m probably showing my age.



“Danger Will Robinson!”

Well it did remind me a bit this, But I really like the look


Nice! I see it.


Ooh, very slick!


I understand. I was thinking aloud after reading @woftam 's review on the Hammers. I plan to enjoy mine as soon as I marry some batteries :wink:


Sex should be absolutely electrifying! Can’t believe I wrote that. That was really gay. Oh crap, did it again.


I was quite surprised at the power of 4 18650’s. The Aromamizer is Dual coil at .35ohm and when I pressed the fun button the first time, the vapor was shooting out of the tip :laughing:. It literally looked like a chimney. This is a hard hitting mech.


Battery life on the HOG V3 is outstanding too.


Yeah I need to order those batteries and get on with it. hahaa! :wink:


Beautiful mod! My smm tank would look great on there as well!


Yes it would! Maybe even better without the bulge. It’s really a tiny little mod for two batteries.


I have the 75c and it’s been a good mod but it does have some cons.