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Vape Mail 2017!



There are three four things I like about the D. It’s small. Two batteries. DNA. No paint! I am tired of paint falling off my mods, lol.


I had a feeling about you!
Sorry I couldn’t help myself!


Sorry buddy. Over my head. Unless you mean “D” cup. Which is always nice.


It’s slang for something else that makes a man a man.


But then mods are like boobies arn’t they? Variety is the spice of life!

Just saw your last post. Oh. Well. OoooPs!


I’m sure we could compare mods to lots of things, but with ally the talk about that line in the hammer of god mod manual I think they are considered something else.


Where did you oder it from?


Element Vape.




Thanks :smile:


Take the guess work out of it…


oooohhhhhh! I’m sold. I found it cheaper on ecig-city.com but they only have the black one in stock. It’s 99.99 but I have a 10% off coupon code in my email! Very nice! Thanks for sharing this!


Well congratulations @Cutlass92! You just got the nasty award with a free tub of butter boy lube!


Joyetech Exceed D19 Starter Kit!


Ooh I love the color on that!


IRL its pure white fading to black, my camera tinged the color some. It’s so small even the coil, but it performs well. It is a great starter kit.
OH and the airflow allows one to easily reduce the flow for MTL (for newbies :smile:)

almost wide open DTL

closed to one tiny hole for MTL


Lol totally thought it was green…! Still, cool gradient effect!


You wouldn’t happen to know the MSRP for that would you? My brother is thinking about making the switch from smoking to vaping(he got a bambino/a on the way) and I told him if he was serious I’d buy him his first.


Everyone at Joyetech is currently on vacation, so I couldn’t get your question answered from the manufacturer. I am however starting to see them listed for $30 Heaven’s Gifts, $40 Efun, I think the final price would be around $20 after discounts.
Looks like they are on pre-order, so still 2 weeks before the distributors get them.