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Vape Mail 2017!


Best Vape Mail Ever!!

@Whiterose0818 Rocks!


Potato pic. Ha​:grinning: I remember then :cherries:



These wonderful little buggers came today, from 3avape, and I ordered a 26650 from IMR for it. This actually wouldn’t have happened without my awesome mail lady, here’s why. Another carrier had my Aegis as it had an incorrect address, and had been previously marked ‘No Access’ in tracking. My mail lady happened to see it and thinks to herself ‘that odd last name is familiar’. She told me about it Friday, but me being me had already called to have it held at the PO, she said doesn’t matter, she will grab it off the other carrier after work, to get it onto her truck. Suffice to say, I gave my mail lady a gift bag today, a beautiful Crystal Candy Jar, Soft Walnut Brittle and a Card. Ode to the Mail Lady, my Saturday savior.


@Silhouette Give your mail lady a hug from me, and ask her if she would mind talking to MY mail lady…


OBS Sub Engine:


I love my Sub Engine. Best Sub Ohm Tank I’ve ever used. I rarely use disposable coils but this one is top notch.


A mystery box appeared today…

Dude!!! You are awesome!! You know who you are, thank you so much :blush:


Lol…its the least I can do man, I dont even wanna know how much it would of cost me to get someone to do even close to the amount of work you do on my site. I appreciate it so much dude it’s you that’s the legend :wink:
Btw I threw the turbo in last minute, I’m not a fan but a lot of people like it, feel free to throw that shit in the bin if you cant use it :wink:🖒 lol



Nice! And thanks for all you do to the SP site.

@Steampugs you rock,brother!


Open it Worm!


not sure i want to be overly excited or disappointed atm


That’s like the 35th time today you’ve told me that…

and stop sending me dick pics…



I gotta say you have balls. Your ship to address is visible to all.


i let the beagle play w/ all my pkgs 1st


clone needs work but kicks ass as is


My second order from NicVape and they gave me a free bottle of concentrate. Thanks @jojo for turning me on to them

Didn’t realize the picture was so blury. I am way to lazy to take another, sorry.
This is thanks to @Laura5. Rock On Laura!


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Hope I haven’t steered ya wrong. :wink: That oat circles is a little funky but I’m hoping it steeps out to be as good as the honey crisp cuz I’d love a Cheerios vape. :stuck_out_tongue: